EBF5: Guns 2

The second batch of guns for Lance.
People asked for the chainsaw and sniper rifle back, so here they are. People also liked the zapper from EBF4, but I personally didn’t like that one, so it’s not coming back.

I think I probably should have toned down the weirdness in these guns earlier  – I think the more realistic ones ended up looking better, even though they’re still not very realistic at all.

Which one’s your favourite from this bunch?

More weapons for Epic Battle Fantasy 5:
Swords: 1 2 3          Staves: 1 2 3          Guns: 1 2 3          Bows: 1 2 3          Cat Toys: 1 2 3


19 thoughts on “EBF5: Guns 2

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  2. oscarg

    guesses from left to right:

    Nintendo super scope: No idea, this one seems like one of those elementless weapons.

    Super snipe: Back from the previous games, although i will say it was always more of a novelty weapon even with the potential instakill.

    Chainsaw gun: I’ll be honest, the only time i ever used this gun was against the malware that absorbs all elements. No counters, no elements… this weapon never really seemed usefull to me.

    Coconut cannon: It’s probably earth based… i’ll miss the quake maker; that thing was badass.

    Bazooka: This one feels like it would be a poison weapon, but that could also be the paint. So it could also be this game’s replacement of the mini bomber.

    Accelerator: It was a really cool weapon, it had lots of resistances and powerfull effects making it very potent when it was hard to point out a consistent weakness in enemies. This fact made it very usefull for the mob horde.

    ??????: I have no idea what this thunder weapon will do, but it looks amazing. It could be the replacement for the phantom considering that this will be the 2nd thunder weapon and the first had magic attacks covered.

    1. A Wikia Editor

      Bazooka’s colour scheme brings Destroyer to mind, which was a poison-elemental weapon, but I guess it could go either way. It looks really cool.

      This thunder-elemental weapon’s concept is quite reminiscent of Red Vulcan from previous games, actually, the weapon colour scheme is quite similar to that of Thunder Elementals.

  3. Justin Zhou

    You all know that the only weapon I’m going to use now is the tree launcher thingy right? Imagine that with a cheesy cape or some sh*t like that and make your foes cower in terror as you shoot down their allies with a bunch of rocks! JUST IMAGINE THE BEAUTIFULNESS… Love the guns so far. You should make a cheese gun where it does the cheesiest troll moves ever. LOL. Lookin good thou.

  4. forger343

    These all look so good! I hope the God’s Hand one comes back. That one was kind of awesome. :stars:

  5. pionoplayer

    I like the look of that rocket launcher, all of them really. Hoping the time gun will prove more reliable than the time weapons were in EBF4.

    Also, DK called, he wants his coconut gun back.

    1. littlemrdoom

      THE ACCELERATOR WAS AWESOME!!!!!! IT LET ME BREEZE THROUGH EBF4 SECOND AND THIRD QUESTS!!!!!! :shades: :shades: :shades: :shades: :shades:

  6. SomaSam

    I’d have to say that the top left one is my favorite from this batch.

    Considering you’ve already brought back the Deep Blue and Super Snipe, I’d say the only gun I’d want to come back would be the mini-bomber.

    But to be honest, I’d like to see a bunch of new guns in the next batch, It can’t wait to see what kind of interesting you can make. Especially considering that you will be making a bunch more with animations in them possibly.

    If you were to make new ones, perhaps a plasma gun or laser gun as well? Or a revolver cannon/grenade launcher, revolvers are cool.

  7. Stefan Kriechmus

    the Nintendo super scope… as expected. But it doesn’t look that like it. Especially that the grip is placed in the middle doesn’t let it look like it.

  8. Knight's Armament

    I like the first one, though the stock is drawn terribly. Actually. its design is rather terrible for a realistic weapon, just look at the scope and that nib blocking its view.

    As a whole I find it weird how Lance’s weapons resemble rocket launchers more than they do guns.

  9. Kupofan

    The thunder weapon is just gorgeous :stars: :stars: :stars:
    And, for some reason, I find the wooden one hilarous (does it shoot wooden idols? :P).
    So yeah, these are my favourite ones.

  10. Sir Vouchfarce

    Haha! Super Snipe! and the Accelerator!

    That first gun looks like a Non-Elemental weapon, though I really have no idea.

    Earth Gun? I hope it gives stat boosts as well as the Quake Meter did…

    Bazooka? Is that the new magic-oriented bomb gun?

    New thunder-gun? I like how it looks.


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