EBF5: Cat Toys 2

Here’s another batch of cat toys!
Which set is your favourite?

About the crucified cat in the previous post – I’m considering adding a “mature filter” option to the game that would remove that, blood, tentacle rape jokes, titty effects, nazi references and other stuff. But maybe I won’t. We shall see how much of that stuff there is later.

More weapons for Epic Battle Fantasy 5:
Swords: 1 2 3          Staves: 1 2 3          Guns: 1 2 3          Bows: 1 2 3          Cat Toys: 1 2 3
cat toys2 copy

32 thoughts on “EBF5: Cat Toys 2

  1. Isaac Shergold

    I think you shouldn’t really add a mature filter.
    Most of what’s in EPF is tongue-in-cheek or harmless anyway, it’s not like Lance is ever depicted as goosestepping over a cripple Jew.
    I personally would never play with that on, part of the reason I’ve enjoyed EBF is the sill and often “offensive” humour that’s in it. You’d lose the character of the game.

  2. Sir_Matt

    All these weapons are looking great, and I can’t wait to play as NoLegs in the upcoming game!
    P.S: Love the original Zelda reference on that shield.

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  5. ARandomKeyLimePie

    Maybe instead of the cat crucifix, a different weapon can be used with the same cross motif? A fencing sword ( rapier? ) with cross designs? :wut:

  6. HotchAr

    as illogical as it is, I like the fluorescent light equip, and also the red/gold shield and spear? naginata? whatever the heck that thing is? combo.
    a mature content filter seems like a good idea, and I don’t think you need the shock value to maintain your brand.

  7. RPG_Lover

    Matt, I REALLY love those TLoZ references, you’re awesome. I think that It would be nice if you change how to learn skills. (It’s just my opinion)

    1. Sohade

      I have to admit the way you learn skills in EBF should be changed.Instead of having this huge list, you can make it like some sort of skill tree that starts with some basic abilities which then branch off to more advaned ones. Also, because of the SP system, the game sometimes sort of makes you grind a bit for abilites, which can be boring at times.

  8. Anonymous

    YO! i love your work, and i dont know where to make suggestions, and if you accept them or not, so im just going to post it here. Im thinking that you could have a diffrent sytle of spell tree thing, isntead of having a giant list, why not have a sort of circle area, with like 4 or 5 base elements for natz, then progress down them, its mainly a graphical idea, and im not saying you have to, but it would look cool for it.

    1. infiniteEel

      how do you include profile photos in these comments? :wut:
      oh and this is the first time i see a prinny here

      1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

        Apologies for the massively late reply. I think it is a gravitar or something. I believe that is what it is called. Try looking that term up, dood. ➡

  9. Hello

    I would think it would be better to just not include the crucifix – its definitely overstepping a line

  10. ShadowsSun

    Well, I can safely say that as a 9-year old the (im)mature content went right over my head. Didn’t even notice “Giant mutant penis”.

    It might help stop people complaining so much though. But how would you have the Pervert achievement???

  11. A Wikia Editor

    So far so good, awesome drawings.
    Mini-Sol Spear and Roman Shield (at least that how it feels like) are my favourites.
    So I guess NoLegs is going to have weapon/helmet/shields as equipment, instead of weapon/helmet/armour like remaining characters? That is quite cool,

  12. The_Setup_Wizard

    Also, the sword won’t fit in the scabbard, unless the scabbard is actually for a different weapon.
    And if it is a side-mounted kitana scabbard, it is upside-down; I know it is a cartoon, non-realistic video game,
    but kitana were supposed to be unsheathed and swung in a single stroke by samurai in old Japan; If that failed, you could keep fighting, but the suicide thing is nonsense.
    Perhaps that could be a small little weapon switch auto-attack to make players a little happier.

  13. Pikciwok

    I really love Greenwood weapons and the golden spear and tower shield.

    Question: NoLegs the cat is quite small compared to the other characters. Maybe one of his equip choices could be battle mounts used by the Kitten Army?
    Please Kupo, consider this: Domesticated giant Bushes, Igloo Forts, Troyan Horses, Baby version of Valkyrie Tank…

  14. Kupofan

    These look great!
    About the “mature filter” for controversial subjects, I think it’s a fantastic idea. I’d really want to see these small things, and I wouldn’t like that they get removed because of people complaining. That way, they will (probably) be satisfied, while those of us who like to hit foes with crucified cats will be able to do so :love:

  15. Kkots

    The red ribbon on the samurai scabbard looks like a hand. Lolmost as if NoLegs has a floating hand at last! (although black.. Luke?..)
    Since he can hold stuff and move around anyway, he’s not really a cripple, and that makes him +more cute.

  16. Ze

    Wow, this time I can’t even choose a favourite. They all look fantastic.

    That golden shield, though… I think it blocks too much of NoLegs.

    1. sfc0

      Yeah, it covers up his cute smile 😥
      Perhaps he could just hold it further away from his body so that we can see more of him.


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