34 thoughts on “EBF5: Staves 2

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  4. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Seeing the comments above, I rather like the knife, even if I don’t much care for Undertale. Something about Natz branishing a knife amuses me greatly. She needs a good shanking animation. Gets in close and just proceeds to gut-stab a bitch. :scared:

  5. Stefan Kriechmus

    I would really like it when the knife is drenched in blood. Would be a good way to have a staff with life leeching.

  6. The_Setup_Wizard

    Knife seems metal/bomb.

    My favourite has to be the lightning element one.
    By the way, could we see some non-robot lightning areas? I think that would be cool.
    Maybe keep it relatively late-game. Lightning seems like it should be late-game.

  7. oscarg

    Guesses for the staff uses from left to right:

    Dragon staff: either dark or death based, maybe dooms alot.
    Bunny staff: healing based i guess? Could also be a holy staff, im guessing it could randomly cast slime bunny maybe so that could be pretty good.
    Knive: i have no idea.
    Lighting staff: an lightning staff.
    Ice staff: an ice staff, although it looks more like rocks then ice or crystal, probably due to the lack of shine.
    Antler(?) staff: wind based from the looks of it, looks quite different from previous wind based items so that is cool i guess.
    Vine staff: poison staff,

  8. conundream

    I like the look of the antler staff & the wooden one next to it a lot. I always used the star staff because I prefer non-elemental damage to avoid switching & it seemed to proc the bonus star shower regularly. :stars: I actually like the old design better… not really a fan of the gem being pink; rainbow colored might be cooler… robby214ty’s achievement idea is DEFINITELY a winner 🙂 I’m really happy to see your progress with EB5; EB4 is one of my favorite games – the music – the humor – the characters (especially Anna)… :love:

  9. Nothingness

    I like the design of the lightning staff. Also, a knife, huh? Interesting. Part of me feels like it’s an Undertale reference, buuuut knifes are very common in game, so…. I don’t know.

  10. robby214ty

    I personally think the knife is to stop us from making her boobs bounce al lthe time. THAT SHOULD BE AN ACHIEVEMENT! “You really wanna do that?” click 100 times when natz has knife equipped.

  11. Solv

    That knife though. Will we have an Attack-based weapon for Natz at last? …Or maybe it’s just for keeping Lance in check.

    Really liking the lightning and slime bunny staves .o.

  12. pionoplayer

    I like that angel/bunny staff, that one’s pretty sweet.

    I’m also very curious to see what that knife’s stats are gonna look like. (If it turns Natz into Chara so help me…)

  13. Arcterran

    A knife eh? Iiinnntteeerrreesstttiinnngggg, Our little mage is turning into a rouge! (Or a chef)

    Well since you asked, I like the Ice staff the most

  14. littlemrdoom

    so… nats can stabz ❓ does that mean that lance gets the empty gun ❓ :shades: :shades: :shades: :shades: :shades:

  15. Owerwritter

    Well, I guess Natz with a knife, affected by Temper and Berserk, will become all foes’ knifemare. Anyway, I just can’t wait for guns. :stars:

  16. Kkots

    That bunny staff is just epic and cute at the same time.
    I wish I liked the ice staff more… Ice is my favorite element, but something is just not totally right here. YEA, that staff is partially made of stone. So I’m going with bunny.


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