Steam Controller!

Hey guys! Valve sent me a Steam controller a week or two back, which is pretty cool! As a lowly indie dev, I didn’t know if they would send me one, but I guess they like me enough.

I haven’t played around with it that much yet, but so far I’m having a hard time figuring out in what situations it would actually be useful.

As a normal controller it’s not very comfortable. The buttons are small and too close to the center, and the whole shape doesn’t really support them. A regular 360 style controller is much better.

As a mouse replacement it’s kind of different. I tried playing EBF4 with it for a while, and it works okay. It’s much better than using a mouse on your lap, or using a trackpad. But EBF4 is a game that doesn’t require any accurate or quick clicking. I really wouldn’t want to play anything action oriented with this thing, nor any games with really small user interface elements.

So far the only thing I’ve actually enjoyed using it for is as a remote control for videos and website browsing. It’s quite good at that – it’s got all the mouse features and a few keys on it, so you can control stuff like playback, volume, new tabs, scrolling, full screen mode, etc. easily.

Maybe if you don’t have a wireless mouse or any gaming controllers, this thing might be quite useful as an okay replacement for everything.

I’m interested to see if other people actually end up liking it, or if Valve improve the design later, because so far I’m not too impressed, but it is definitely an interesting and unique device. I’ll keep playing around with it and see if anything works out. It’s got a bit of a learning curve, and maybe I’ll get used to it if I use it some more.

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5 thoughts on “Steam Controller!

    1. Ernest Izdebski

      If you are typing while on Big Picture mode’s internet browser or in a videogame, it is very good. In fact, I would say it does better at typing than any other controller.

  1. Melcx

    First day with this controller, really customizable, lot of buttons, really cool on puzzle games, good on rocket league, but not as good as a mouse on fps.
    For typing, it’s better than a classic joystick, but I prefer my keyboard xD

    I tested it on bullet heaven and the joystick feeling isn’t as precise as XBox controller can be (tested both). Seems like there is a gigantic “dead zone”, and the minimal speed is quite fast, it’s not that far of an analogic joystick : \
    Is there something that add a dead zone on bullet heaven ? Can we disable it ?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      There’s no way to disable the dead zone, if you want to go slower make sure to use the slow-down button. I wouldn’t really recommend a Steam controller for BH2 though.


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