Looking for translators! (Finished)

Update: Alright guys, I think I’ve got enough translators now.
If I haven’t replied to you, that means you haven’t been selected.

A lot of people offered to help. You guys are awesome!

Hey guys, I’m gonna start translating Bullet Heaven 2, in the same way I did EBF4.
So that means it’s going to be translated into German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

There’s much less text this time, so it shouldn’t take as long as last time, and we can use some of the EBF4 translations for reference.
I reckon the whole project should only take a few afternoons, but you’ll need to be on standby for any last-minute changes to the script.

What we did last time was we had 1 or 2 people translating for each language, and another 2 or 3 proofreading it and making suggestions.

If you want to help out, leave me a comment or note, or email me at kupo707@hotmail.com.
Stuff you should include in your comment are:

  •     Your email address.
  •     What language you want to do.
  •     Whether you’d like to translate (more work) or just proof read.
  •     Link me to some paragraphs you’ve written in English (a blog or something), so I know you’re fluent in it and are a cool person.
  •     Let me know how much free time you have, especially if I may need to replace you later.

Stuff you’ll need:

  •     A Google account for using Google Docs.
  •     You’ll have to be somewhat familiar with my games, the characters, and the style of humour.
  •     Ideally you’ll have played a bit of EBF4 in your language. (the script will still be available for reference)
  •     For legal purposes, you’ll have to agree that your translation can be used in every release of the game, and possibly in future games, indefinitely.

If you worked on the EBF4 translation, you can skip most of that and just remind me your name and email.

In particular, I’m interested to hear from people who know how to write in a dialect-neutral way. I think we did okay with German and French last time, but I think Spanish ended up too American, and Europeans were not happy. I’m not sure if it’s possible or not to write Spanish that way, so let me know what you think.

Translators and proofreaders will be awarded with a mention in the credits, Steam codes for them and their friends, and possibly a little cash bonus too.

16 thoughts on “Looking for translators! (Finished)

  1. Aran Kirostok

    I don’t know about stuff and things or anything but I would gladly translate it whole to Polish if you want o_O.
    I’ve played all your games fully (except for ebf3 which I didn’t made it to finish that one) and stuff but yeah. So yeah. Email is up there. Somewhere. I’ve put it in the box that asked me for the Email. So yep. Just in case, ya know. :v

  2. Radene

    Curse my language for being one of the obscure ones! I’d love to translate it anyway, tho…so if I happen to find the time and conjure up a translation to a not listed language, would you want to look at it, Matt?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Sorry, there’s no plans to add any more languages at the moment.
      Maybe someday my games will have a way of modding them in, but not yet.

        1. A Wikia Editor

          Hmm, so that quite answers my question as well.
          I thought about writing to you (Kupo) if I could translate Bullet Heaven 2 for Polish language (as despite what one may think, it is not that small market), but considering your answer, guess I won’t unnecessarily add more messages to your already filled e-mail.

  3. guygombaa

    I’ve been playing your games since I was a little tyke using the magical internet fairies trapped inside the big computer-box. Anyway, while I’m not really good with non-english languages, I am good with proofreading. While I understand this may not be entirely what you’re looking for, I figured I’d put the offer out there.
    Only good ref I can think of is this: http://kerectusportal.wikia.com/wiki/Cyrus_Days keeping in mind that some of it dates back a few years when for whatever reason my punctuation was a bit awkward.
    While I do have to juggle school, I’m free for at least a few hours every day.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      The whole script will eventually be made available for people to look at in all languages, so you could check it out then if you want.


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