BH2: Godly Boss Preview

Almost finished with boss number 9. I’m gonna leave the final boss for later.
After this I’ll start polishing off some unfinished features and get the boss demo ready!
godly1godly3 godly2

6 thoughts on “BH2: Godly Boss Preview

  1. RegularGamer

    That attack in the second image scares me, though maybe that’s just the bullet glow making it seem worse than it is.

    Very much looking forward to the boss demo.

    1. Kkots

      I find it more difficult to dodge bullets with their glow turned on, as I can’t see clearly how big the bullets are and where their extents end. So I’d prefer to play with glow turned off, and it would look less menacing.
      Ha-ha, just found out: need a cat smile like this ( :stars: ), but with sad mouth D: so it would mean something like :seizures:


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