BH2: Spider Boss Preview

And the spider’s theme is… webs and strings, obviously!
I’m actually having a lot of trouble beating this guy, and there’s two more bosses after him.
I’ll have to practice more!
webs webstring

7 thoughts on “BH2: Spider Boss Preview

  1. Az0riusG4mer

    I am among the few and the proud to have beaten the entire game on Heavenly with 1 star minimum on each level (main ones, though at some point I will also have covered the bonuses too!)l!

  2. Bob

    “Iā€™m actually having a lot of trouble beating this guy” Well, if the creator is struggling, I’m not beating this game šŸ˜„

    1. someguy

      Unless he solves that problem by making the boss slightly easier (wich I hope he does, or else I’m not beating the game either šŸ™ )

      1. RegularGamer

        Bullet hell shooters shouldn’t be easy though.
        Setting the difficulty to a lower level probably solves the problem for most people.

    2. randomfan1929

      he’s saying on the hardest difficulty. it would be about 4x easier on the lowest setting (except more than that, because higher bullet densities make it exponentially harder.) and yes, you probably won’t beat it on the hardest difficulty, good luck anyways.


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