Madness: Project Nexus 2

Hay guys. Do you remember Madness Combat?

Well, Krinkles and The Swain are working on a new Madness game, and it looks like a huge step up from their previous one. Check out the trailer:

I usually don’t like promoting Kickstarters, but I make exceptions for developers who have helped me out, and the Madness Combat series has been a huge inspiration when I started animating. If you guys remember, my earlier games and animations were pretty violent, and some of my very early animations copied the whole floating-arms style. So now you know why. Back when I started, Madness was the coolest thing on Newgrounds.

Anyway, if you were ever a fan of the series, or just want a good game to play, you should chuck some coins their way on Kickstarter. They’ve got 2 weeks left and still need a little push. $15 will get you a copy of the game.

Project Nexus 2 has already been Greenlit on Steam, and the guys behind the series have a long history of successful projects, so I’m sure this will turn out awesome too. Either way, I think they deserve something for all of the free content they’ve created over the years, and I’d like to see where they can go with this.

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