6 thoughts on “BH2: Animations

  1. metallica_dillon

    D’aaaawwwww! So adorable! Too bad we won’t be able to notice because we will be too busy trying not to die by their adorable hands. :love:

  2. Anthony Gatu

    Great work mat! I allways think you do great, and this is not an exception! When is the game due you think??? can we expect it within a couple of months?! 😀 :yay: ❓ also, PLEASE release it for the computer as well :c

  3. Bobby Joe

    I don’t know why, but I’m laughing my head off at the blue and red idols’ animations. Seriously, try to stare directly at the red idol and say “It’s not funny” ten times.

  4. Konstantin Kots

    That pikachu-like foe’s animation reminds me of something you did with Moogle in your One More Final Battle.
    That effect is wonderful, considering it’s done with only affine transforms.


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