BH2: Hovertank Boss

I’m not totally happy with the shading on some parts, but no one’s gonna notice when they’re being shot at.

It was gonna be a normal tank at first, but I figured a flying one would be easier to work with.


4 thoughts on “BH2: Hovertank Boss

  1. ShadowSun

    1337? RLY?
    But it looks really cool. Swarms of seeker missiles?
    And which one is driving? Do they have a license?

  2. Konstantin Kots

    That barrel on the top is quite large. Are bullets going to come from inside it? If so, then I guess you’ll need to break it into 2 layers – one above the bullets and one below?

    About the seemingly wrong parts: I think you mean the front of the hovertank, just below the barrel, and the inside of the barrel.


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