More Bullets

Unlike the previous game, Bullet Heaven 2 is using Cat Cafe technology, and should run at 60fps in HD. The aim is to release it on mobile devices first, and on the web later.


7 thoughts on “More Bullets

  1. Someone's Username

    Welp, I am officially scared of whats in store in BH2. :scared: Since this is just a sample of all the fun dodging players have to go endure, several other very intimidating patterns must also appear. Fun. 😥

  2. Thisx

    Hey Matt, just an idea, but i guess you should prioritize PC release.
    As this is a game where you need A LOT of precision, something you don’t always have on smartphones, it could be a lot frustrating for those who are long waiting for the game.
    Just an idea, though. I don’t know what your plans are with this, but either way, it is awesome. 😀

    1. ShadowSun

      I kind of agree, the amount of control you get on a mobile is limited. On a tablet, however, this would be absolutely awesome. But you should port Cat Cafe to iOS first in my opinion. (Mostly because I have an iPhone and would love to play it).


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