Cat Cafe Dress Up Mode

This is pretty much the same thing as that “Cat Maker” I posted earlier, but with a new interface. I’m a bit worried that the buttons might be a bit small on devices with small screens, so if that ends up being the case, I’ll have to rearrange things a bit.

dress up

He looks happy…

Anyway! The main thing to notice here is the “Screenshot” button! Click that and you’ll get a wee JPEG of your cat saved to your device! This is a feature that a lot of my previous games would have benefited from. Unfortunately, it’s a lot harder to implement if the game is running in a web browser. For security reasons, Flashplayer can’t create random files on your computer, without help from some external PHP code (or something like that). So this is a feature that the web version won’t have, but will be available on your mobile device instead.


This image was made by the app.

3 thoughts on “Cat Cafe Dress Up Mode

  1. SuperGizmoGears

    I love this! But how do I find the folder with them? I can’t find it but I REALLY want to find it!

  2. SirBlackMage

    Yay! More progress! :smirk:
    I’m excited for the game, just because you are making it, Matt. :yay:


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