New Site Features

I’ve been adding a lot of new features to the site, and would like some feedback. Is everything working okay? Is there any features I’m still missing?

Subscriber Mailing List

A few people asked for this, so here it is. You can subscribe to get emails every time something new is posted. I’ve been playing around with this, and it seems a bit spammy. Right now it’s set to send emails for every single post, which may be a bit much. Should I change it to email you once a week about all of the posts in that week? I’m also not sure what options users can access. I think you need a WordPress account to change the settings about what posts are emailed to you.

Twitter Feed

Added a Twitter feed at the side, because sometimes I feel the need to post really short comments. I haven’t been using Twitter much, but now I’ve got an excuse to start again.

Spam Filter

I don’t want people to have to sign up to post comments, but at the same time I don’t want to approve the comments personally. At first this meant I was getting a lot of spam. I installed a spam filter plugin and it seems to be working correctly. Tell me if you think that any legit comments are being deleted.

Google Ads

I added ads! They’re quite out-of-the-way because I don’t want them to be too annoying. It’s interesting to see what kind of ads actually show up, because it tells me what Google thinks my website is about. So far I’ve been seeing ads about games and mobile phones, which sounds about right. Also anime chicks with big tits.

Hosting my Games

Kongregate lets you embed their games if they sponsor them, so EBF4, EBF3, AS and BH are being hosted by Kongregate when you play them on this site. But my older games are being hosted by me. I’m curious to find out what GoDaddy’s definition of “Unlimited Bandwidth” is. But the traffic I’m getting right now doesn’t seem like anything to worry about.

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