Fanart: EBF4 Natalie

Hi Folks!

It’s a cloudy weekend here and we’re taking it easy and seeing friends and family as well as playing games and building Lego. Hope you’re all having a nice relaxing time and catching up on sleep.

Here’s some cool fanart of EBF4 Natalie from Zevskiy.

EBF Birthday Fanart Contest Winners

Hi Folks!

Thank you everyone for your patience as we’ve purpousefully kept you in anticipation. As stated yesterday, we received an overwhelming amount of submissions for the contest and we are so happy you’ve all shared your incredible art with us and the community, thank you! As someone aptly said on the contest channel: “I think we all won because we got to see everyone’s cool art“.

As a reminder winners will receive a cash prize from a pool of £300 to be split between the top 5 entires, as well as 2 games or soundtracks of their choice on the platform of their choosing (Excluding the EBFCollection).

You can click the images to view full sized versions, but they might take a while to load as some are quite big.
You can view all entires in the contest channel on the EBF Discord.

1st place £90
Thirteen Years of Epic Battle Fantasy by Lance

Tied 2nd place £65 & £65
After-Party Gaming by Rocky Birdy

XIII by Troisnyx

4th place £50
Epic Battle Birthday by HallowGazer

5th place £30
Cake Sighted by LimeHazard

Massive thank you again to everyone who participated, and congratulations to all winners!
Keep an eye out for future contests 😉