Hidden Cats: Castle

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about Hidden Cats, so here’s something from the castle theme.
Stuff like buildings, doors, cannons, chests, etc, will be interactive and may have items hidden inside.

Click for a bigger image!

EBF Monster Fanart Contest Showcase

Hi Folks!

Here’s a video to celebrate all the incredible artwork we received for the EBF Monster Fanart Contest in October. We got such an overwhelming amount of amazing entries that judging was very difficult, and we were only able to showcase a fraction of all the artwork in the winners and runners up categories.

You can view all the submitted artwork with artist’s comments and links in the #contest channel on the Epic Battle Fantasy Discord Server.

Contest Winners
Contest Runners-Up

Support Page for Epic Battle Fantasy 5

I’m just making this post as the App Store requires a “support URL”.

You can email customer support about technical issues and refunds here:
kupo.games+ios@outlook.com (iOS)
kupo.games+play@outlook.com (Android)

You can chat with other users and get gameplay advice on our Discord:

You can find puzzle walkthroughs and video playthroughs on our YouTube channel:

Steam Autumn Sale

Hi Folks!

The Steam Autumn Sale is now on, and you can get the EBF Collection for 30% off, EBF5 for 40% off, and EBF4 and BH2 for 65% off until November 29 10AM Pacific.

The prices for our games are planned to go up at the start of next year, so now is a good time to grab them for the old cheaper price! And please don’t forget to leave reviews for the games on Steam while you’re at it 😉