EBF5: Guns 3

Last bunch of guns!
I tried some different shapes this time – hopefully they’ll still work with the animations. Either way, I’m going to change Lance’s animations a bit so he keeps these guns out for longer and shows them off some more.

Which one’s your favourite this time?

EBF5: Guns 2

The second batch of guns for Lance.
People asked for the chainsaw and sniper rifle back, so here they are. People also liked the zapper from EBF4, but I personally didn’t like that one, so it’s not coming back.

I think I probably should have toned down the weirdness in these guns earlier  - I think the more realistic ones ended up looking better, even though they’re still not very realistic at all.

Which one’s your favourite from this bunch?


EBF5: Guns 1

I remade my favourite guns from EBF3 and EBF4!
Well, actually, most of these are from EBF3, I guess there wasn’t many from EBF4 that I wanted to keep. I’ve got some interesting ideas for the next batch.

Which one’s your favourite from this bunch?
Do you think I missed any that should be brought back?
guns 1



EBF5: Cat Toys 2

Here’s another batch of cat toys!
Which set is your favourite?

About the crucified cat in the previous post – I’m considering adding a “mature filter” option to the game that would remove that, blood, tentacle rape jokes, titty effects, nazi references and other stuff. But maybe I won’t. We shall see how much of that stuff there is later.
cat toys2 copy