EBF5: Matt Gifs

Matt’s got a few totally new animations, like this sword throwing attack which I spent a bit too long making. (Getting the momentum on attacks like this to feel “right” is hard)

On top of having different sound effects, each weapon also has different colored sword-trails for the Cleaver, Swift Slash and Unleash animations.


I think hair dye will be a Newgame+ feature.

Matt Gifs

Here’s Matt’s new spellcasting animation.
I’m really not happy with a lot of his old animations – gonna remove some attacks and replace them with totally new ones.


Also with NoLegs unable to do the role, something else has to drag is his corpse around.



Let’s Play Mecha Dress Up

I found a very enthusiastic Let’s Play of Mecha Dress Up Game, which is that one game I made in 2008 (!!!).
It’s cool to see people still digging up my old stuff.

I had a lot of ideas for a sequel to the game – too bad I never got round to it after actually learning how to program properly.

EBF5: Natalie v2

Update: Removed some sounds and made Natalie’s voice a bit higher.

Hey guys, I’m working on the players again.
It’s been a while since I did Natalie and Anna’s animations, so I’m updating them a bit.
Some changes: New evade animation, graphics touched up slightly, some new sound effects, and some more clickable easter eggs.

But the major thing is that I added some Zelda-style vocals: just grunts and screams.
I’m not sure how I feel about it at the moment – they’ll probably need a lot of tweaking once the battle system is ready and I can properly test them in context.
You can hear them during: Hit 1, Hit 2, Die, Revive, Item Catch, Magic 4, 5, 6 and Attack. A lot of them are randomized a bit.