Fanart: NoLegs

Hi Folks!

We’ve just gotten back home from a weekend away at the Scottish Borders with a big group of pals. Getting away from the city is wonderful and being outside of the reach of internet reception is very relaxing. We’ve definitely had a busy week in terms of holidaying, and we’ve still got more to look forward to after a short break.

The Steam sale is ending soon so you should make all your desired purchases while you still can!

Here’s a fanart of NoLegs from Once Drakynwyrm from the EBF Discord channel.


Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Hey guys, me and Ronja went on a short trip to Blackpool. It’s a magical place where seagulls are constantly trying to shit on you. Here’s a video of the theme park.

If you ever go, the top-tier rides are The Big One (tallest rollercoaster in Europe), Icon (very smooth and modern ride), and Valhalla (apparently the best water ride in the world). Surprisingly the airplane ride – Sky Force – was the most terrifying, as you have to control the wings and try to do a barrel roll. There’s also a lot of historical rides that are worth checking out, like the many wooden rollercoasters, the last-of-it’s-kind Steeplechase rollercoaster, and the Flying Machines – the oldest ride in Europe at 115 years.