EBF5:Leftover Foes

I made some more types of cats and another slime. I remember people really liked translucent slimes, so I felt there should be at least one in this game.

Although the foe competition is over, I’ve picked another winner.
It’s Federico Sosa with his Kamikaze Cat.

I forgot to do this one earlier.

kamikaze cat

EBF5 Current Foe Count: 144

EBF5: Giga Boss

Here’s another bonus boss. This battle will be all about massive damage: the boss will hit slowly and hard, and will have tons of HP and few defences so you can hit back hard.
I originally imagined it being some kind of mining machine, but it ended up being much more wind themed instead.

EBF5 Current Foe Count: 141

EBF5: Fish

Fish are back, with their trademark counter-attack! People were annoyed that there wasn’t really any way of stopping it (even though it wasn’t that powerful), so this time maybe Syphon or Stun or something will stop it from happening.
I really like how the Steampunk fish turned out – I’ve had trouble making cool wind elemental stuff in previous games, but I think I’m getting better at it.

EBF5 Current Foe Count: 136

EBF5: Bossly

Here’s the 2nd version of that boss I posted before. I’m not sure which one will be in the story and which one will be the bonus version. I guess that’ll depend on how the map turns out – but I’m planning on quite a lot of water this time.
You can also see one of the old limit breaks remade here. Looks a lot better now IMO.

EBF5 Current Foe Count: 130