Flash Forward Game Jam

Hey guys, the Newgrounds Flash Forward Game Jam is over, so I’m making this post to feature some of my favourite games from it. This jam was all about making browser Flash games that work in Ruffle – no Flashplayer plugin required. Ruffle is an open-source Flashplayer that works natively in browsers, mobile, and desktop, and currently runs ActionScript 2 games, with ActionScript 3 being worked on now.

One of the coolest features of Ruffle so far is that Flash games now run very well in fullscreen – just right click to go into fullscreen mode in any of these games!

You can play more games from the Game Jam here on Newgrounds.

Bullet Heaven 3 [Prototype]
Throw Rocks at Shit
Brain Toasting Dungeon
Spot & Click
Drop Cannon

BH3: Medals

Achievements and leaderboards are done! Bullet Heaven 3 [Prototype] should be finished in a day or two. I’ll put it up on my website first, and then on Newgrounds a day or two later, which is where the leaderboards will be viewable.

The game will be playable on mobile if you have a stylus, but will probably be quite laggy. You definitely want to play this on a PC with a mouse for the best experience.

Fanart: 7th Heaven / 7th Hell

Hiya Folks,

Our Scottish snow is long gone and we’re seeing some amazingly warm and sunny days lately, so the only conclusion to be drawn in: Spring is here! Time to dust off the garden tools and start making some plans for what we’ll be working on this year. As much as Ethel loved the snow, being the no 1 garden helper and dry leaf chaser on sunny days suits her perfectly.

Here’s some amazing fanart from OriginXYZ of three mages using their illusory powers to boost – or perhaps debuff us as we dive into the new week.