EBF5: Source Code

Hey guys, I’m not working this month, but I still want to do something for my patrons, so I’m sharing the entire EBF5 source code with them.

It’s just for the purposes of personal education, and datamining (for walkthroughs etc).

The code is quite messy in many places, and the comments aren’t always accurate or useful. Timeline code from the animations is not included, so some important stuff is missing, and none of the code will compile unless you edit it to stand alone. You’re best opening the files in FlashDevelop, but any code editor should do okay.

Some files are easy to read without any programming knowledge, like the lists of item stats. While other files will require you to be familiar with Actionscript, Java, or similar languages.

So if you want to see what “real” code looks like, as opposed to ideal textbook code, toss me $1 to get it.

Fanart: Natalie

Hi Folks!

We’ve been getting a head start to spring and doing a lot of garden work this week. The weather has been nice enough, and we’ve got loads we want to get done before summer so we can enjoy the outdoor space to the fullest. Yard work is a great way for us to work together on something, and you end up getting a pretty good workout at the end of it. Matt will probably blog more about our garden adventures later.

Here’s some more Natalie fanart from 桃心创可贴.

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Fanart: NPCs

Hi Folks!

Lately we’ve been taking it a bit easier and catching up with games. We’re both enjoying Iconoclasts, a colourful metroidvania with a cute artstyle.

Here’s some more fanart from 桃心创可贴, this time featuring some NPCs from EBF5!

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