Sketches: Items

Hay guys, I’m still sick but I’m slowly getting better!
My hands are just barely stable enough to draw things, so here’s a bunch of items that could show up in EBF5!

They are, in order: Water Cube, Ice Blob, Magma Ball, Nice Feather, Iron Plate, ??? Shards, Crab Shell, Ganja Leaf, Barbed Vine, A Brick, ???, Coral Reef, Big Horn, Solid Wood, Game Child, Yarn Ball, Mystic Rune, Dark Matter, Leather, Copper Pipe, Fallen Star, Talismans, 480MHz CPU, ??? Ore, ???, Fluffy Fur, Weird Apple, Vitamins, Mechanical Joint, Crystal Skull, Sharp Bone, Plastic Pellets, Long Claw, Slimy Tentacle and …a Kitten Eyeball.


I am dead

Hay guys. I’ve been sick for the last week (and still am), so I haven’t done anything productive at all lately. I’ve just been sitting in bed and watching Orange Is The New Black, and playing a bit of Splatoon and Smash 4.

Splatoon is kind of awesome btw, but they’re gonna need to add some more gameplay modes if they want me to keep playing. I reached level 20 and then I got bored.

I also watched the Nintendo World Championship, which was surprisingly exciting at times. Mario Maker looks crazy fun. I was rooting for Cosmo.

Anyway, I’m going to Finland in 3 weeks, and hopefully I’ll get enough work done on Bullet Heaven 2 so that I can start beta testing it shortly after I get back. The game’s content is pretty much finished, all that’s missing is tons of debugging and balancing, and also translations. All that will probably still take a bit of time, but we’re getting there.

I’m noticing that I’m blogging a lot less than I used to. I guess that’s mostly because I’m in a relationship now and I don’t really feel the need to talk to strangers on the internet when I’ve already got someone to talk to about everything. But I’ll try to still write personal blogs every once in a while, cause it’s still kind of fun to archive things.