Hey guys, over the next couple of days I’ll be trying to update this site.
Don’t be surprised if it goes down for a while, or looks a bit different when it comes back!

EBF5: Foe Remix

I’m working on the Custom Quest option that I like to call “Foe Remix”.
What it does is replace most of the foes in the game with different foes. This also effects what monsters bosses can summon.

It’s not random – so it won’t be crazy hard, and each area still has a “theme”, so the foes won’t feel excessively out-of-place. The hope is that it mixes things up enough so that you end up using different equips and summons in new playthroughs.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got hundreds of battles to edit manually…

EBF5: Dialogue and Treasure

I’m making good progress on the new dialogue, but I can’t share much of it without spoiling the gags.
Treasure has also been distributed, with all of the chests being filled. To spread equips out better, 14 old equips have been moved to new areas, and their original spot has been replaced with a Monster Card. Like I mentioned before, you won’t miss out on anything if you use your old saved game, but you’ll have a slightly better experience if you play from the beginning.

Version 2 is 70% done, btw. It’s likely that it will be ready for beta testing and translating within a month or two.