Epic Battle Fantasy 1 is on Android!

Epic Battle Fantasy 1 is live on the Google Play Store!

This updated version has a new checkpoint system, a new soundtrack, some modified enemies, and a more user-friendly interface.

Please go buy it and leave a nice review.
If enough people do that, I’ll port Epic Battle Fantasy 2, 3, and 4. (5 is almost done)

As usual, iOS versions are coming later – I’m still learning a lot about Android development.

Epic Battle Fantasy 1 is almost on Mobile

Hey guys, the Epic Battle Fantasy 1 mobile port is coming along. It’s taking more effort than the previous mobile ports since it needs to be reprogrammed from ActionScript 2 to ActionScript 3, which largely comes down to a search and replace job, but with a few quirks.

AS2 lets you get away with a lot of really bad programming practices that AS3 doesn’t. For example, in AS2 you can have variables and functions with the exact same name. You can declare functions multiple times. You can use variables without declaring them. The code doesn’t crash if an object doesn’t exist – it just ignores that completely and carries on. So all of those shortcuts needed to be sorted out, as they don’t work in AS3.

In addition to that, my old code is just really bad. Mainly there’s tons of code that has been copy and pasted which should have been in functions, making updating it way more tedious.

In terms of changes to the game, the mobile version user interface is bigger! That’s pretty much it.
All the other changes are the same as in the version that will eventually be on Steam in the EBF Collection: Copyrighted characters have been replaced, there’s a new soundtrack, checkpoints have been added after every boss, there’s a new Zero difficulty option, and the game has been balanced slightly (in particular making summons stronger).

So it’s gonna be a lot less punishing than you remember it.
Anyway, it should be up on Android in a week if you’re lucky. Probably for $1.50.