EBF5 Regional Pricing

Hey guys.
I’ve adjusted the pricing of EBF5 on the Google Play Store so that it’s consistent with the pricing on Steam. The 3 DLCs ($6.66 or £5 each) now add up to the same price as the game on Steam ($20 or £15).

Steam and Google do regional pricing very differently. Google just does a simple currency conversion, where as Steam considers the purchasing power of different regions. So for example, Google’s automatic price in Russian Rubles was almost 5 times higher than Steam’s price – which seems ridiculous to me.

The new prices are live now, and if you already bought some DLC and feel ripped off by the price change, please contact me for a refund, or for some free DLC keys.

In other news, the EBF Discord server has got over 100 new emojis today, for a total of 250.
That’s a lot of emojis!

6 thoughts on “EBF5 Regional Pricing

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I’ll probably finish the EBF Collection first. But I’d like to do the iOS version sometime this year too.

  1. Jackson

    Hi, Matt. I have bought the DLC for EPF5 mobile (google playstore).

    The price is really reasonable/affordable for me from Malaysia.

    Thanks for bringing back the old school style time-based RPG game. (Current RPG game are almost all action-base).

    I am really your fan for epic battle fantasy series and super enjoy playing them XD.


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