Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is live on Android!

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is up for Early Access on the Google/Android Play Store!

Languages are temporarily disabled while we finish translations, but otherwise the game is 99.9% finished – there should only be a few obscure bugs left, and most languages should be finished in a week or two.

In-app purchases already work correctly. Even the Game Services achievements work!

Save files should persist as long as you don’t uninstall the app – make sure to always update over the existing version. (The current version is 1.15)

You can also transfer your PC save file by copying the contents of a backup .meow file into the password text box. (you’ll probably need to email the text to your other device)

With some luck the remaining stuff will be done in a few weeks, and I can start work on the iOS version.

Please tell your friends about the game!

23 thoughts on “Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is live on Android!

  1. Francesco Sarmiento

    Hola matt ya sabemos que lanzarte ebf5 para andriod y cuando estará listo para iOS espero que esté listo y esa barra de porcentaje está 99% cuando llegará al 100% me avisar

  2. Sadge761

    It says you can transfer the savefile from your pc to the android version? How do i do that?

  3. Moringotte

    Why was my post deleted? I do not understand. If you have no time, this does not mean that I should be blocked or ignored. It feels like I’m talking to a wall.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I’m still going to adjust the prices a bit. Google’s currency conversion is not as fair as Valve’s.

  4. Moringotte

    Can I shop now? Do you have to buy everything to make the “Deluxe shop” sign disappear? I just don’t really want to buy an experience accelerator, and the inscription is annoying (especially if you poke it by accident (:)

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Yeah, the signs disappear once you buy everything.
      The DLC doesn’t really increase your EXP, instead, your EXP is decreased if you don’t buy it.
      Buying the DLC gives you the same EXP as the PC version.

  5. Geoffrey

    I noticed a bug with the leafy chomper, but after it did it’s chomp attack that heals it, it kept doing it while the other enemy (green caterpillar) did it’s attack and after and game-overed me (this happened on epic mode). Other than that it’s been pretty good so far.

  6. Joseph Howard

    Thanks! I have been waiting for EBF5 to be on mobile! I have planned through to a full party already and it has only minorly bugged out despite being in early access! I love your games and already own them on Steam and Mobile except for EBF2 on either or Adventure Story. The game did close on me a few times but that may be my phone being low on memory. The only issue I encountered was not being able to find the cheats or challenges menu on mobile premium for EBF5 but they may not be added yet. Looking for to playing more of it and to the release of the Steam collection or EBF2 and Adventure Story on mobile. I know its a lot to keep up with but I am happy to support you!

  7. zerp

    i’m a player in vietnam and there is an error in choosing the language, the language lines are in the line with vietnamese language, we can’t click on it 🙁

  8. Belyayev's-Fox

    I might give this a try if I have to be outside my house for a while. I normally don’t have much interest in mobile games, but knowing that there won’t be any exploitive mechanics in this one has me willing to give this a chance. If mobile works out well for you, then maybe porting EBF 3 and 4 could also be worth the effort. I wish you the best of luck.

  9. Eduardo

    Matt i literally love youuuuuu you’re incredible, this game is giving me a lot o goosebumps, my hands are shaking of emotion, this masterpiece it’s one of my most important and lovely games i ever have played in my entire life, Thx Matt(btw I’m brazilian, just waiting for the translation, i love brazilian references inside the game, I’m just a english starter so I’m trying to notice every reference that you put on it, one of those are the pokemon references, I’ll catch’em all for sure I’ll, so anyway thx for this game Matt, peace).

  10. Moringotte

    I could test the game further on the sly, but I’m wasting my time arguing with Ronji.
    Although we don’t have a discussion with her, but the game is in one direction =(
    I may have been partially wrong, but blocking this is not a discussion.
    I still continue to advertise the game and wait for the inclusion of the Russian localization.

    Sincerely yours, Moringotte.

  11. Panos chronopoulos

    Thank you so much i was waiting for years to play this on my phone since i dont have a pc btw can you make epic battle fantasy 3 and 4 free as well? i really miss these games


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