EBF Collection: Sketchbook

Hey guys, I’ve finished updating Sketchbook for the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection. It’s an interactive sketchbook that originally contained 100 pages of traditional drawings, but now has almost 200. I’ve also improved the interface to allow for faster navigation, and added new music by Phyrnna.

There’s not much else to say about it. You’ve probably seen most of the art in there if you’ve been following me closely for 10+ years, and now it’s all in one place.

5 thoughts on “EBF Collection: Sketchbook

  1. Jpx0999

    i have 3 questions
    1:theses new sketches are the arts you put in the grand gallery in ebf5? or are new ones?
    2:music by pyrhnna? that mean NEW music?or using a old music in that part,anyway i am happy whit it…
    (she music is good no matter what,HOW CAN IT BE?)
    3:how that… faster way of navigate work?it´s like… the sketches are separateds in sections,you can like… put filters to look to only for ¨before 2009¨ ¨ebf1 sketches¨ or something like that?or is something completely diferent
    sorry if my inglish is bad(is not my first language)


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