EBF Collection: Main Menu

Hey guys, the launcher interface is pretty much finished now. It’s time for me to start programming the achievements and resolution options.

Here’s what the main menu looks like at the moment, to remind you which games are gonna be in the collection.

I think there’s around 8 hours of content in there if you play through the games casually, probably double that if you want to get every achievement, plus a decent amount of replay value.

3 thoughts on “EBF Collection: Main Menu

  1. EclipseFox

    Good to know you’re gonna preserve the prototypes. And it seems you’re porting Cat Cafe to PC! You already could play Cat Cafe on PC with bluestacks, but it’s cool that you made an official PC port. I wonder what the new EBF1 soundtrack will be like, and how the new summons will work. Yeah, as you can tell, I’m very excited for every little bit of this collection! But what’s the Monster Book do?

  2. Jpx0999

    i wonder
    what this ¨monster book¨ is
    i though of images of monsters you din´t added in the end
    bu there´s already the scteckh book…


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