18 thoughts on “Discord?

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  2. Phoenix

    As of 2 days ago the Disc chat lasted a month without death :D.
    :love2: :love2: :stars: :stars: :shades: :shades: :stars: :stars: :love2: :love2:

  3. Phoenix

    Well i think i was a bit too optimistic thinking the chat would last for a week XD.
    Well atleast the entire system has calmed down for now :P.

  4. Voidsword

    Nuuuuu, Kupo has succumbed to the pressure of everyone constantly asking about Discord! :sick: I hope the Discord fad dies soon, for my own sake as well as so many others.

  5. Mank

    Is there gonna be a patreon rank for people who paid or something like they get more features? :wut:


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