Monsters 5

I drew some more monsters! which one’s your favourite?

The second page is inspired by “the internet of things”! This is where all of your devices are connected to the internet for no good reason, and hackers can have a great time with them.

26 thoughts on “Monsters 5

  1. Thermophile

    I like the spongerock, cactur, and palmer.

    Also, since you (probably) read these, and I’m a long-time fan, I had a couple questions:

    1. Are you going to have anything like the Lance of Creation and Blade of Destruction in EBF5? I thought those were a nice touch in the fourth game, and I was always disappointed that there wasn’t some uber-secret way of getting them.

    2. Phyrnna IS doing the music for this, right? She’s my favorite music artist, and a pretty big part of why EBF4 is in my top 5 games ever list.

    Anyway, keep up with the good work! If this surpasses EBF4 the way EBF4 surpassed EBF3 and EBF3 surpassed EBF2, this is going to be truly amazing. Even if it’s merely on par with EBF4, there’s no doubt I’m going to buy it as soon as I can when it comes out.

  2. Mace

    I gotta agree with most people here- I like the looks of the spongerock spider and evil cave. The trappers would be very interesting enemies, and i can just see that ‘hacked thermostat’ sitting in the topmost enemy slot ‘against the wall’ causing all kinds of ice and fire procs heh :smirk:

  3. Trycka

    Matt you should do the Spongerock Spider in the game. that would be so funny to face this. Or a secret monster that block a path. With each character saying something before the battle.

  4. squirrellie

    fat rat spongerock spider and evil clock is my faves

    the sponge rock spider will the the epic battle fantasy boss

  5. Leroy

    Half of these would be found in a haunted school.
    Lance: OMFG a free phone!
    Anna: A what?
    Nolegs: *Meow meow* (It’s probs locked doofus.)
    Natalie: I feel dark energy…
    Lance: mission of the day finding out the password!
    5 hours later
    Haunted phone :phone2: : stop typing random passwords into me you little @#!* 😡
    Matt: It’s alive!!

    Matt: You think it’s edible?

    Natalie: wow
    Lance: seriously
    Nolegs: *Meow meow* Dork
    Haunted phone :phone2: : listen to me I will trash all your social media accounts
    Everyone except Anna: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
    Lance I will make you mine!
    battle starts

  6. Artourious

    The “thorny eye” looks super similar to the “morths” from the legend of zelda the wind waker. Maybe just a coincidence though. :tongue:

  7. Stefan Kriechmus

    all of them are quite strange and kinda off-topic… I don’t really say that I really like one of those… :meh: ….except the thorny eye.
    what comes next? A bathroom themed set of monsters? I would really love it to fight a toilet in EBF5 that is fighting with things like a toilet brush and paper and also removing his debuffs by flushing itself… :meh:
    besides there’s already a company who made a “iot toilet”…


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