EBF5: Mammoths

Made some mammoths!
My computer blue-screened while working on this and I lost 2 hours of work, so that sucks – but I guess it could have been worse. Gonna have to start backing up more than once a day.

Hope you like the new mammoths, I tried being creative with their attacks. Oh, and mammoths can now revive each other!

EBF5 Current Foe Count: 74

15 thoughts on “EBF5: Mammoths

  1. DCCCV

    I think the animations are amazing. The idea…. I don’t know. Camel Mammoths seem like total abominations. :sick:

  2. Julen Puertas Baños

    I like the normal mammoth way less tan in previous games, the version of this is much more “kawaii”. Too much formy taste. In the other hand, I think that making subspecies of this enemy has been a hit, they look pretty good. I specially like the sound of that make the “tank-mammoths”.

  3. joshuas123

    Oh nuuuu :sick: the true challenge begin to come :scared:

    that war mammoth is scary D:
    it is time, to prepare for the battle ! 😡

  4. pionoplayer

    I love the new mammoths. The new camel mammoths. (cammoths?) are adorable! (even more than all of them are!)
    The gun mammoths are kinda terrifying. Do we have like another would-be conqueror a-la lance this time around? Because I’m noticing another serious army trend to the later enemies. Not necessarily robot, but army. That’d be pretty sweet if there was like a whole taking down an evil army segment.

    Can’t wait to find out what the story is. :yay:

  5. TheMaleLilligant

    They look so cute!! XD I especially love the cannon mammoth. He’s a perfect balance of cute and intimidating! :yay:

  6. Pikciwok

    Mammoth Mammoth – So Kawaii! Love them!

    Camel Mammoth – Iol! Great idea!

    Gun Mammoth – Not so creative as the previous one, look OK-ish to me, but I really don’t like special 1 animation.

  7. Neku21

    THEY GOT LIKE 400% cuter from last game!!!!
    Everything was really entertaining to see x3 really creative 😀 seems like a lot of creatures can summon water jets from the ground easily… plot point? D:
    awesome job :3

  8. Karyete

    Sweet Jesus the black mammoths are amazing. For a second I thought it snapped its own neck when performing Special 1, they’re certainly more…acrobatic this time around.

  9. komodor

    WHAT THE FUCKKKKK? mamel mammoths? and also lord of the rings mammoths inspiration? with machinegun trunk, what the hell man….also the sound effects shouldn´t be like a matrace full of springs. :scared:

  10. Hoang

    Matt!!! How long is it gonna take 🙁
    I can’t wait -_- since you keep posting the development of the game on facebook!!!
    And YOU, have a nice day xD!!!


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