6 thoughts on “Steam Exploration Sale!

  1. RSC

    Already own it, but can’t play battle mountain since my PC is dead and the steam version doesn’t work on mac…
    Kong version is still fun to play, even without the extra content.
    Has anyone managed to run PC steam EBF4 version on a mac ?
    It should be doable by running an emulated PC inside the mac, but that would require very expensive windows license.
    Any other idea ?

  2. Crow!

    I’m buying it. I want to have the most “official” version on hand in case I want to speed run it some day, but the normal price was too much for something that speculative.

  3. Ben

    Of course people would buy it. If you ask me, it’s one of the best web games out there. I’m definitely going to buy it when I get a Steam account.

  4. Billy The Honourable

    I would buy it again m8. Its a great game. (Also, the exploration sales been on a few days.)

  5. Terrijoo

    And I’d buy it again. 😛 One of the best/most fun RPG games in terms of battle system/crafting/humor and general fun. 😀

    10/10 would buy again 😀


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