BH2: Foe Patterns 4

More than half of the foes finished! I’ll probably release a “foe demo” when they’re all done, which will be similar to survival mode in the first game.patterns4

4 thoughts on “BH2: Foe Patterns 4

  1. i love gaming

    i have the kong premium. bought it long ago. how do i get the steam version? is there a way to get it free for kong users who bought EBF4 premium?

    1. A Wikia Editor

      If you have the premium version of Epic Battle Fantasy 4 of Kong ( or AG or NG) then you may just E-mail Kupo Games and you will probably receive free key of EBF4 for Steam. You may find his e-mail address under “about” category.

      But this blog post is about Bullet Heaven 2, and currently there is no way of getting Bullet Heaven 2 for free as it is still in development and was not released yet. :yay:


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