EBF4 Expansion Plans

If anyone hasn’t heard, EBF4 was Greenlit on Steam yesterday!
I’m now working on an expansion for the game, which will be added to the Steam version of EBF4, and to the Premium version on Kongregate. Some of the new features might also leak into the free version too.

Here’s the plans so far…

The expansion will include a new area, called “Battle Mountain”, or something like that.
It’ll be roughly the size of the Jungle area, and will contain sub-areas based on the main areas in the game.

The new area will contain many challenging battles, including:
• 4 harder versions of the bosses.
• A marathon battle for each area of the game, where you fight all of the foes from that area, plus the boss at the end, in one battle. (much like EBF1 & 2)
• Some boss battles from the earlier games, including (possibly) the Cosmic Monolith, Wooly Mammoth, Jack, Fire/Ice Golem, Sandworm, and the Protector.
• Some other foes that will probably make a return include Furry Slimes and Kitten Forts, and I might also make a few completely new foes.
• A boss rush, including the 4 main bosses.
• A harder boss rush, including the 4 upgraded bosses.
• A super-long foe marathon, of all the non-boss foes in the game. (30-40 waves, probably!)
• An endless battle, similar to the super-long marathon, but with randomized waves of increasing difficulty, and with no end.
• I’ll also stick in some new block puzzles. (yay?)

All of those battles should hopefully increase the game’s length by around 25%.
Rewards for beating these battles will include a bunch of new achievements, item drops, and equips. The equips and skills from the premium pack will now be obtained this way, instead of getting them all at the start of the game.

The new area won’t give EXP, AP, or money, so that it doesn’t unbalance the game.

Battle Mountain will be accessible through the warp zone, right from the start of the game, but most parts of it will be blocked until you get items like the Axe, Ladder, etc, or defeat certain bosses. All of the foes will always be at the same level as you, so it doesn’t matter when you decide to go there.

On top of new stuff, I’ll also work on balancing existing content.
A lot of people mentioned that there wasn’t enough battles against small groups of strong enemies later in the game, so I’ll try to add more of those. (Either by recycling some bosses from earlier games, or making more “giant” enemies)

In case people haven’t noticed, I’ve already added a few interface changes to the Kongregate version, and there will probably be a few more to come. I’m also going to be redoing some of the graphics that I’m not happy with, for example, I’ve already redrawn the Furry Slimes from EBF3, and I’m thinking about giving the Jelly foes some cute faces. ^____^

There’s also a few features that only the Steam version will have:
• Fullscreen mode.
• No file compression.
• No ads or links of any kind.
• No internet connection needed! (People tell me that Steam needs a connection, but I can play Binding of Isaac without one, so it’s possible)
• Expanded concept art gallery, since filesize is no longer an issue. I’ll stick in the relevant art from EBF3 too, since a lot of people on Steam probably won’t have played EBF3.

Oh yeah, and HFX will be doing some new tunes for the new area, and maybe some more for the old content too!

Anyway, that’s what I’ve got planned so far. Thoughts?

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63 thoughts on “EBF4 Expansion Plans

  1. RRrakha

    How ’bout there’s a marathon for the Boss Rush?
    The wave is like this
    Wave 1 : Armored Oak
    Wave 2 : Weak enemy (idols)
    Wave 3 : Diamond Golem
    Wave 4 : Weak enemy (preparation)
    Wave 5 : Praetorian MkII
    Wave 6 : Weak enemy (preparation)
    Wave 7 : Rainbow Rafflesia
    I hope this spark you an idea :smirk:

  2. RRrakha

    Do we have to pay for the Steam Version? I’d like it if the Steam Version is free or you can just expand it on the free version. :yay:

      1. a_sh

        As a proof of concept – battle screen adopted to 16:9 (well, almost):
        All previous “screenshots” should be also 16:9 (ideally), the difference is only because of my poor skills.
        Sorry for bothering you with all this stuff , and hope it may be the catalyst for your better ideas.

      2. a_sh

        Another small interface suggestion – this time about Bestiary. It is possible to fit all navigation and information in one screen.
        I think it will be more convenient and would allow to navigate through Bestiary without excessive clicking :smirk:

        I really would like to see full-screen version of EBF4 on wide display with all its’ glory )

  3. Mownage

    *Nods head in approval* :smirk:
    It’s good to see you give that final push on this game. Knowing that you’re kinda tired from all this.

    These Boss Rush modes seem like a pretty darn solid idea, and they will had a :bacon: -ton of longevity to the game… But it makes me wonder… Could you imagine PvP on this thing? (Although I know it is almost impossible 😥 ) I mean, can you imagine the chaos? :yay:
    And that would be a HUGE plus to this game…. That or some kind of HighScore thingy on a TimeAtk/CountDown Madness Mode with endless waves but not endless time… :stars:

    Anyhoo, great work Matt! You deserve a cookie!

    PS: Try to make some minor tweaks/balances to the overall gear and weapons.
    PSS: Adding some extra effects and screen shakes and overall -humpf- to the battles, or at least in the Rush modes. Making the player feel those hits will just make them play more of it!

  4. Stanning

    I feel like there should be a final super-boss on New Game + only. Maybe bring Matt’s old nemesis, Zombie Goku, back for one more final battle? XD

  5. Patrick Ryan Joseph

    Hey Matt Roszak A.K.A. kupo707.
    This is the things you probably prepared…
    1. Megabosses (Armored Oak, Diamond Golem, Prateroian MKII, and Rainbow Rafflesia)
    2. Arena Zone (Battle Mountain).
    3. Bosses From Earlier Games (A total of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… I mean a total of 15 from earlier games!)
    4. Boss Rush (The first 4 bosses) And Hard Boss Rush (The 4 Mega bosses).
    5. Foe Rush / Marathon. (And check out the increasingly difficulty Marathon)
    Well… What i worry to you is…
    1. Survival has no end. If i lose it should said the summary, rather than the “GAME OVER” Screen. If it’s game over after it, Why we should start again from our last save?
    2. How much bosses and foes from earlier games you are worrying to? You might add more, more foes from that foe competition?
    3. How is the new boss compositions?

  6. Pedro Link

    Music from EBF3 would be great! I hope its boss theme has a possibility of coming back, I love battling with that one. :yay:

    Definitely going to buy your game on Steam! I didn’t beat the flash version yet, for I was waiting for this “ultimate” version.

  7. Idea man

    More ideas:
    1.Possible new weapons for Battle Mountain:Ashes Inferno(a fire and poison element bow,made from dead tree branches,magma,spikes and ash,incrusted with Lava turtles shells pieces),Deaths ice(dark and ice element sword,made from dark pulse,scythes pieces and frosty ice),AI cannon(non-elemental and thunder element fusion cannon,fused with engines,microchips and sniper mode machine),Amazones hearth(poison,water and earth element staff,made from energy of trees,water bubbles,essence of poisonous plants and animals,wet soil and huge papaya fruit),Limbos guardian(dark and fire element sword,made from damned souls,Hells fire,demons blood and bones) and Mountainous Heaven(wind,earth and holly element weapon for all characters,made into a box from Heavens light,feathers,mighty mountains,aura of Blessed and strong wind,who can transform into specific weapon for certain character)
    2.New summons(2):Thousand wooden idols(summons an army of wooden idols,who combine into giant wooden idol, who jumps high into air and lands,making powerful earthquake,dealing huge damage to everyone and may stun everyone too) and Rainbow flower(summons several rainbow flowers,who cast several spells,who can damage foes,heal and buff allies or debuff enemies).

    Hope these ideas will be useful(maybe it is too much :meh: )

    1. Neelien

      First things first, Congratulations on making it past greenlight! Also I’ll try to buy it if I get the chance.

      This is mosty whishful thinking, I guess, but I would love to have all 4 games bundeled together. I realize that there is copyright issues though, so that’s most likely going to be no.

      I guess I’m going to disagree with some people, because I don’t think the minigames would be a good addition, unless you somehow made them more compelling. I realize that they were always optional (unless you wanted to get all achievements), but they were not exactly all that interesting compared to the rest of the game… Thinking about it, I guess I’m simply not a big fan of minigames.

      “• A marathon battle for each area of the game, where you fight all of the foes from that area, plus the boss at the end, in one battle. (much like EBF1 & 2)”

      This is really something I’m looking forward to. EBF 2 was the one I enjoyed most… but that’s also because of the perk sysem, which I’m guessing won’t be there.

      Well anyhow, good luck.

    2. Patrick Ryan Joseph

      The Rainbow Flowers Summon is going to be crazy. They will be casting random spells, on everything, Both foes and allies!
      Then… It’s actually outrageous for a weapon that can be used by all. Usually people only wield one type of weapon, but how it going to be?
      So winning armor and flair from battle mountain, how? KUPO707 YOU ARE THE JUDGE, FINALIZE YOUR OPINIONS!

  8. Mirolex

    as already noticed – mini games from ebf3 would be very well
    hope there wouldnt be more skills – i think its better rebalance old skills, there are many skills, but some of them are not usefull at all
    i think u should add 1 summon with ressurection ability – when i did 2nd and 3rd walktrought – there was very often 1 situation vs boss – 2 guys killed, matt used coffe on 1 of them, ressurected guy revive another 3rd person – this guy deal little dmg/try to heal everyone/use ressurection for auto-live and then boss kill 2 guys again – so it is stacked before Genesis – very very annoying and boring situation
    it is very good to know about new hfx tracks – cuz for me 40% of game atmosphere is bgm
    btw – so happy to see this news – hope we can buy it soon on steam – not another half year :smirk:

  9. poglogo

    :stars: Damn that sounds great but will there be a list of equips and skills in game so we dont have to keep grinding for nothing?

  10. Gravmon

    Add cat summon from 3, make a super buffed up Akron, have an almost impossible to do quest ( for overachievers ), and make a bacon weapon, armor, and helmet or don’t it’s your choice.

  11. grampaglasses

    Random ideas
    *How about making it so you can change languages in-game, instead of at the loading screen?
    I’m sure a lot of people get mad about that.

    *While on the language subject, how about translations for more languages? Off the top of my head, Italian and Japanese would be pretty cool. I seriously doubt Japanese would be worth the extra work though.

    *An increase in FPS for older computers that lag in flash? I know that my old Dell lags after a while from the memory Flash tends to eat up.

    *Making it so you select a difficulty at the start like in EBF3, instead of tucking it away into a sub menu? I liked selecting it at the start a bit more.

    *Misc graphical improvements? Like with Anna’s talking picture hair. Hair isn’t usually see through. Perhaps make it so her hair only goes transparent around the face? Or just fully opaque.

    *When the final character in a turn around attack and kills an enemy, and there’s another wave behind it, make it so that you get your turn again instead of the next wave automatically attacking.

    *Minigames? I noticed that unlike EBF3, EBF4 was lacking a bit here. Perhaps the return of the NoLegs fighting game?

    *A basic editor for people to create games based on the EBF4 engine? This one I seriously doubt would work out well. But if it were made it would probably attract a lot of modders to the game.

    *An expanded ending for getting absolutely everything? (Max items, full bestiary, etc.) I know that Metroid did something similar to that.

    *Some sort of accessory you can get that prevents you from obtaining Exp? It would be a bit pointless unless you’re a challenger or something, but it could also be used to let players choose how strong they want their characters to be.

    That’s all the random ideas I have. Now let’s talk about stuff that you announced.

    *I noticed you didn’t list any of the final bosses in the potential boss battles list. I think people would love to see and fight Goku and Akron again. (I know I would.)

    *Will endless battle include bosses?

    *Moving the new equips to after beating Battle Mountain enemies is a good idea.

    *Will the marathons/rushes be selected via a menu, or by finding NPCs to initiate it?

  12. Cosme Fulanito

    I probably won’t ever play this game full, since i would have to paid it, but anyway: Make… Awesome.. Swords! (And maybe other weapons, but mainly SWORDS)… I mean, the ones the game has are already good, but i’m saying that at least for once, screw if the sword is usefull or not and make the most AWESOME sword EVER :shades:

    1. Patrick Ryan Joseph

      You mean “Re-vive-ed Akron”? Oh well. But I’m afraid the website’s author, Kupo707, Will say “NO”.

  13. Kirosana

    Grats on the green light, was one of those “low and slow” green lights. :yay:

    Sounds really good so far. Will the Steam version have an achievement system? I rather liked getting the medals on Newgrounds, some of them were challenging so it felt nice to finally get them.

  14. Cody

    Why not, for an excessively hard boss battle, have Akron from 3 show up with the fleeing Godcats as support. Akron could have what he usually does with some extra moves while a Godcat shows up, (one at a time), nukes a player with a move, then goes away afterwords. :stars:

    1. Mada003

      That’s a interesting idea Cody but I would rather face Akron by itself with it’s minions/support.

    2. Patrick Ryan Joseph

      Akron is the FINAL BOSS of EBF3, You know! I’m too old bored for that. Kupo707 will probably say “NO”. Hehehe :yay:

  15. *excited

    The expansion sounds great, but will other sites have access to the new content such as Armor Games? I already purchased the premium content because of their online save 🙂

  16. God chaos

    :yay: I’m very excited for the steam version. Ur plans sound good. One question. Will u be making anymore brand new skills for all the characters? As for a random idea. Maybe work on a new 5th playable character? Like something simple like no-legs or the cat summon from EBF3 idk it’s just an idea :tongue:

    1. Patrick Ryan Joseph

      Correct… If he do character adding on EBF3 for the first time… Then He do it the second time on EBF4. And on EBF5… Oh noes it’s the THIRD TIME he will add another CHARACTER!

  17. ShadowSun

    So, I wrote an essay on what I wanted improved on the game page. Here I summarize what I would like: :wut:
    1. Minigames
    2. Ambient music on during easier battles
    3. Movesets back to how they were in EBF3
    4. More music- older stuff, like “the trek” from 2
    5. Weapons having powers from the beginning (heaven’s gate -seiken) is odd, maybe level 2 or 3?
    6. Meow-Meow was cool. Where did he go?
    Sorry to nitpick, but I would like to see if any of the above could be included. Thank you for your time, and stay awesome! :yay:

    1. Patrick Ryan Joseph

      Yes. In EBF3 there is a special ambient music for easier battles.
      And there are 5 mini-games in EBF3, Did you know?


  18. NiceWorkMatt!

    That looks great! ^_____^ I can’t wait!
    Q1: Enemies in “Battle Mountain” will have the same level as your characters?
    Q2: Why u won’t add slightly upgraded version of Godcat to a boss marathon? She’s my favorite boss, very well designed + the hardest one. You really don’t have to make a new version of her, I think adding few new skills to her forms will be fine.
    Q3: Maybe you will add some of older HFX tracks to a battle mountain ? I want to hear Divine Madness again <3
    Q4: What about mixing normal foes and bosses in super/endless marathon? It would be more interesting and challenging, I think
    I'm so happy that you are working on EBF4 again! :yay:

    1. kupo707 Post author

      1: Yes.
      2: Godcat won’t be there because the game restarts after you beat her, and it would be too difficult to change that.
      3: Maybe.
      4: Nahhhh.

      1. Patrick Ryan Joseph

        Correct and i agree with you, Matt. Because when I beat Godcat, it’s says the game is completed then it goes back to main menu. So you are going to do something on….?! What? Adding more soundtracks for The new area, “Battle Mountain”?

        1. kupo707 Post author

          No plans for it. I’m not sure why this bothers people. Just scan Godcat and flee, and you can get 100% completion that way.

          1. Patrick Ryan Joseph

            But i was too far excited in the fight so i didn’t flee even after i scan godcat, because it is the FINAL BOSS!

      2. Danju

        Couldn’t you just copy the code minus the game reset part and make it into a new enemy, i.e. “Godcat Reborn” or something like that? Would be the same thing just…not.

  19. Ryan H

    So it’s been greenlit so it’ll be available for purchase soon, any idea on a rough date for when we’ll be able to buy it from Steam? I’m so excited, I REALLY wanna get it :yay:

    1. Alex koji

      Q1- What about opening another contest for new foes ideas?
      Q2- Why not add a jukebox for the menu?
      Q3 – Any new projects?
      Q4 – Will you put a ranking for the endless battle thing?

      Gratz, good luck with your new projects and lots of monies :yay:

    2. Ju Hoon Lee

      Make a time machine, where you can play previous games, and keep items, money, and EXP (even though there was none until EBF3) that you earn! Allow the new equips and stuff.


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