Mecha Dress Up

Dress up, er, build your own robot killing machines!
The robot bosses from the EBF games were made in this.

38 thoughts on “Mecha Dress Up

    1. ShadowStorm

      you can take a screen shot and save it ( if on mac or apple laptop: shift, command, 3 ) ( if your on a window computer then click the screenshot key and crop ) Hope this help! :yay: :yay:

    1. godcat5

      Hi!!! My dear great friend!!!! I am in love with EBF and with the game sound editors!!! Also with matt!!!!! :yay:

  1. Vilikus

    If You make EBF 5, then maybe as an extra add an option to build/create your own mecha/enemy, just so you can destroy it afterwards? :stars: :stars: :stars:

  2. shadowflare

    could you please make one of these for cats? or maybe a game where you could play as godcat? just a suggestion. I love these games. a LOT. so, no i’m not hating. :love2:

  3. Will


    Maybe with paintjobs and stuff?

    I really enjoy using this and in fact use my creations for a D&D game!!


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