Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Battle over 70 types of monsters, collect over 80 types of equipment and use over 80 different skills and spells!
This is still my most popular game, with over 8 million views on Kongregate alone.

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27 thoughts on “Epic Battle Fantasy 3

  1. ShadowSun

    Amazing. :hurray: Almost certainly my favorite web-game ever. Of all time. :yay: Could the steam version of EBF 4 come with all the others as well :?:

  2. NyanzinDisguise

    :ooo: the achievemnt of constantly clicking on Natalies boobs? Why you call me the pervert? you put it in the game!!!

  3. CynicalLegend6560

    i always stuck at the desert thing , its difficult puzzle , reply and said not impossible for me then dont tell me HOW TO DO IT ill find out how to open the stupid big doors :phone2: :phone:

  4. godcat5

    Matt, I was really impressed with you. You really have great talent, qualities and great friends. I really loved your epic battle fantasy 3. All things were great in this game. When I found this website, I decided to express my feelings about you and your game. And please, once more, someday, make a new great game with great story and songs and characters. Thank you. ( if you even replay me a sentence, I will feel very good and… I want to also be a member of your group. I may help you out with art…. Oak not that good but,.. Ummm… I think I am better :yay: ) :yay:

  5. piono

    I went into the first special room expecting some sweet loot…
    Made it through the first two rounds of the sudden fight, and then got owned by the bush.
    Most embarrassing moment ever.
    Admittedly I was only level 9, but still, yeesh, I wasn’t expecting that high of a level of a fight so quickly.

  6. What

    the creator of NPCs should give it to put more than one NPC in the scene! just a guess, so if do not like the idea or if they find very difficult not judge me or them curse me! :smirk:

  7. Kazume Norsaki

    I think this is my 2nd favorite game of the series. My number one is EBF 4 cause cats and 3rd favorite has to be the first game, short, simple, and Zombie Goku.

  8. eugen

    am i the only one who noticed that one of the guys stole a scouter from a saiyan?

    (really? am i the only one who even knows what that is except kupo?)


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