Epic Battle Fantasy 1

Select commands from the menus and make the enemies die.
Battle through waves of enemies without stopping.

31 thoughts on “Epic Battle Fantasy 1

  1. Kevin


    Epic Battle Fantasy 1 was very fun.

    However, it started to bog down to a crawl, super laggy. I couldn’t figure out if it were my pc, browser, or if it were your game or website interface or adobe or whatever.. I seriously was lost on what was causing it. Have you ran into this before. Super odd thing, if I right-clicked for the options (but then did nothing) the game ran what looked like full speed.. so that’s confusing. Other than that one bug on my end (or yours??), it was great fun! Thanks for making the game, I will check out the others if I can figure out my lag/flash/adobe issues..


  2. rainekoxvi

    This is the best online rpgs I’ve ever played :D I try to beat this game at least once a year since I first found it 5 years ago.

  3. bear mann

    hey kupo,
    i heard someone mention that DBZ/Super is coming back in ebf 5
    if that’s true then dont have it just be like a sign or writing
    make a battle or npc please

    iv’e been waiting for that
    (what was with the greybone cemetery epitaph anyway? it makes no sense with this game)

  4. rain


    in fact, they’re the reason i ever clicked on ebf3′s steam page and stayed there – the word kupo

  5. Arkon_Raavus

    Bloody great game series. Loved it since it first came out. Needs a mute option though.


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