Epic Battle Fantasy 5 – Battle Demo

Woot, it’s finally playable! Test away and tell me what you think. The more different things you try out the better.
The version number should be 0.6 now. If it’s not, hit F5 or whatever you need to do to refresh it.

151 thoughts on “Epic Battle Fantasy 5 – Battle Demo

        1. Schizen

          I think the question was whether the game would be similar in gameplay to ebf 1/2 (just battles) or 3/4 (rpg). So to answer it’s gonna be like ebf 3/4.
          Oh and the cat emojis are great :3 :stars:

  1. SamThePineapple

    My hopes got up and then were crushed. T_T

    (To readers of the comment on the future, it’s not the game, it’s that it was there and then it only said “Coming Soon)

  2. Soph The Fab Potato

    I don’t know if you meant for this or not, but I froze a monster and then used Unload on it and the “Frozen” status effect didn’t go away until the attack was done. :smirk:

  3. Stopwatch

    So, a few things so far:
    1. [GAMEPLAY/DEMO BUG] Cooldown timers seem to be retained after fleeing battle. To clarify: I fled the battle, changed some options, went back into battle, and noticed moves like “Debilitate” and “Heal More” were still on cool down. (Obviously, refreshing the webpage sets everything back to default as it’s supposed to.) Now, I don’t have any idea if cooldown timers are intended to carry over between battles in the final game (I’m guessing not) but it’s at least a small issue with the battle demo itself.
    2. [GRAPHICAL BUG] When enemy foes evade capture, any status icons they have disappear, and do not reappear until the enemy is interacted with again (like being hurt/healed.) To be perfectly clear, the status effects are still present, the icons are just temporarily invisible.
    3. [TEXT ERROR] The description or “Sushi cat!” doesn’t mention its cooldown timer like other moves.

    Also, a question: I know you mentioned some time last year that you were making some changes to the better emphasize the backup system, which included players not being able to attack on the same turn they were revived, and players being revived while in backup. Have you decided against some of those changes, or are you still thinking of tinkering with the backup system later down the line? For what it’s worth, I thought those initial balance ideas were somewhat sound and at least a little bit interesting. (Except for not being able to change equipment in-battle, I’m glad you can still do that.)

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I didn’t go with those particular ideas, but there are a lot of new mechanics that encourage using backup players, such as cooldowns, and buffs which affect backup.

      Thanks for the bug info!

  4. TheMultyplayerPlayer

    When you don’t collect the items by hovering the cursor over them after the enemy is defeated, after some time (around 30-60 seconds) the items get auto-collected. :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:

  5. DigitalZero

    Bug Report:
    If you play with Endgame equipment and swap over to Early game equipment.
    You keep all the equipment available in Endgame, only that they’re level 1.

    PS: Please bring us a sorting system for Summons.
    A random name generator for them could also be fun. :stars:

    1. DigitalZero

      Sorting system for Summons could be:
      1: Order Captured (already in the demo)
      2: Power (status summons are all at the top)
      3: Cost (amount of summon points required)
      4: Element (and how much % of that element. If even, then they’re sorted in Capt. Order)
      5: Name (useful if you’re hardcore and use names for setting up orders yourself)
      Sorry if you don’t care about small things like this. :sad:

  6. Random Gamer

    I noticed that when wet is applied onto a character, it does not remove burn like it did in EBF4. Is that how it’s supposed to work?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Wet doesn’t remove burn, water damage does. They’re usually the same thing but not always.

  7. TheLightningDragon

    I have found a bug. When I put camo skirt on Anna for few turns it was fine but then the medi-pack fell on her and the another one and another one and 10 minutes have passed and it is still going. (sorry for the grammar)

  8. DarkSinisterHD

    so cool but hard.It’s so diffrent from the 4th part.But can someone tell me what does “Zero” difficulty?
    :smirk: :smirk: :smirk: :love2: :love: :tongue: :hurray:

  9. N0thing

    Hey, nice seeing the game here O_O (The demo, but whatever)

    I’m not sure whether that is supposed to happen, but I used tempest with Matt, then attacked with “doubleshot” with Lance. After the monsters attacked, I wanted to try some other skilsl from Lance, but found them on cooldown.

    Also, Natalie doesn’t have heal in the earlier stages oO? This will make the Epic diff much harder :D

    1. Phil

      It’s probably the “disable” status. It sets all the cooldowns so that it’s like you just used all of them.

  10. N0thing

    Might want to take another look at the description for tribal mask. Additionally when Natalie has haste, and then changes with e.g. Anna in the back, then haste will disappear (Checked this by making natalie return to the front)

  11. cool skeleton92

    i don’t know if this is a bug or not
    but when natalie has low HP and do the “idle” animation something weird happens :smirk:

  12. Tobias Stamm

    Your changes to the UI are very, very good. I like how you solved the “target one”-”target all” problem. Switching characters ist nice too. And everything looks cleaned up.

  13. Vidle

    When i used the Screamer, instead of making it instant it faded and did a jumpscare which made me fall off my chair :scared: :scared: :scared:

  14. Flamel

    Why was it that once one member of my party got the virus status everyone did and it keep going up until they all died even those in the reserve?

    1. pyroblujay

      that is what virus is supposed to do. you should hover your mouse over any status effects you get to find out what they do BEFORE asking questions about them

  15. Anderson

    Hey I found a bug, it constantly dropped medipacks over and over at lance without me even doing anything. It was probably some equipment that casts medipack between turns but it did it about 200 times and it is still doing it. I was on wave 15 fighting two ancient monoliths. With lance natalie and ana on the field with matt and nolegs on backup. It was about to be our players turn whuile the ancient monoliths just went. :?: :?: :?:

  16. GC19

    That’s what I get for doing late-game epic lol

    Ok, time for a real bug report
    I played this till wave 5, then switched tabs for like three minutes, then this tab resest automatically(so I didn’t get rekked by the monoliths). IDK why, it just reset. Can this be fixed?

    :tongue: Take that cosmic monoliths!

  17. GAMERULmihai

    Found a bug:I tried to capture a dragon that had some debuffs on it.After I threw the box and failed to capture it,the debuffs weren’t there anymore.The game wasn’t showing them.After the dragon attacked it showed them again.

  18. Anderson

    Hey, I noticed something. Every single move is either 100% of an element, 50% of an element, or no element. And the only attacks that do 50% of an elemtn are weapon based attacks. I don’t like it this way, I want there to be 75% elemental attacks, 80% elemental attacks, 25% elemental attacks, and so on,, in the epic battle fantasy four it was like that

  19. Anderson

    Hey, I noticed another bug. I captured every foe I had and once I had 18 summon-able creatures , I couldnt get more that I could summon, I could still catch more foes but they wouldn’t show up in my summons section of a players’ move

    1. Voidsword

      Same. I made a comment about this earlier when capturing was being shown off; that with all the summons we’d need some sort of summon management system, a scroll bar, or multiple pages. Also, it’d be nice to get some kind of indicator whether a foe is capturable or not rather than infinite spamming of the capture box at low hp, unsure if it will ever pay off. I generally gave up after 3 rounds of all 3 chars failing capture, and am thus sure I missed some :cry:

  20. 246vipfreezeray

    I was very surprised when i used Nat’s 7th Heaven.
    I did not think he would actually use that image. :ooo:

  21. long

    you should remake some limit breaks and skills:
    -super nova : not being ale to dodge, being the highest limit break in game , wont it be unfair in some situation? :scared:
    -black hole doesnt have chance to kill multiplayer but instead kill user(so recommended to use when have auto revive and should be use at the end of the battle since it wont let dead players gain exp)
    -and the machines(godcat’s machine) that cast supernova, black hole,genesis and absolute zero are weaker or only as strong as those skills? :wut:
    -most of the normal skills are somewhat weak
    -can you make skills split into 2 cartegory(the default skills and shareable skills)? i found it easier to use than the new one :neutral:
    -can you let lance have 2 options: one is to use the small pistol that look like a small version of Lance’s big gun behind him; and his original gunblade
    -Last one: we all knew the reason why blade of destruction and lance of creation dont make it here, the reason is for too OP, but why you have to take away Equilibrium(Matt’s sword) and debuff Lance’s accelerator? the new legendary weapons in here are cool but i still prefer some of the legendary weapons in ebf 4 better :cry:

    Aside from those and some bugs, everything look great, now waiting for the backgrounds, weathers and last but not least phyrnna’s music :stars:

    1. long

      *shouldnt, not should at the black hole line
      i know you spend time to re design all of the foes and it look cool at all, but it somewhat a little childish compare to other games. it like watching other pokemon generations(anime) and then watch pokemon sun and moon the anime all over again :sad:

  22. Foxy-Sama

    The music is really good, I suggest you keep this one for regular combat

    the graphics are still a master piece, similar to EBF4 but with some upgrades

    the enemies diversity is still present with some good addition :stars:

    The HUD is organized and simple to use :stars:

    The new elements are well thinked :stars:

    The skills cooldown make combat more interesting :stars:

  23. Andrew

    I’m sure someones told you, but just in case:
    Using Natalie’s limit break gives hp to dead characters, but doesn’t revive them.

  24. Flamel

    I found a Glitch: Nat’s limit break healed everyone in the reserve even though one was dead and it shows their head sprite as if they are dead i don’t think that is how the limit break is suppose to work, it shouldn’t show them being alive and dead.

  25. Asian

    I found the worst bug. It seems someone changed the files around to make Natz Kyun animation different. :bleh:

  26. valhunter97

    I found some small graphical (status icon) bugs – sometimes status icons of enemies aren’t showing with no reason. Also Nat got “Shroud” effect and when it finished, icon remained there.

  27. pilover

    YAY! it is here!
    if youre planning ahead can the update for EBF 5 (like battle mountain) be ulockable by beating the game on epic the whole way, i have no credit card or the like just 20$ cash
    here have bacon as money :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon:

  28. darki

    Tried it out for some 5 minutes, and i enjoyed it! I do have one question: Is it nescesary to have a dedicated menu option for switching between players? Wouldn’t the spinning icon on them be enough :?:

  29. Mehmet II

    :ooo: Holy shit The Trek got remixed :love: :love: :love: :love: ?!?!??!? THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!
    Also the combat is looking really great Matt!

  30. John Henry

    Is the summons only supposed to have 18 summons available? And if so, how can we drop summons we don’t want/need? Other than that, I’ve found the demo amazingly fun.

  31. Spirare

    The bunny-winged staff has the description of the slime staff. The actual slime staff doesn’t seem to be in the equipment menu (yes, even with late-game equips set).

    1. Spirare

      Looking again, I’m actually not even sure if it’s the same staff or not. It has a slime bunny on the top, and apparently it’s a healing staff, matching the colors.

      But wasn’t there one with a slime impaled on the top? Or was that a sword?

        1. Spirare

          No, scratch what I said above, I checked – the slime-impaled one is a staff. Everything’s working fine here.

  32. Person

    Sorry to bother you but I believe there is a glitch with the hunger status effect since when I got it my characters started to use items that we had already ran out of

  33. DarkSinisterHD

    When Natalie u 7th Heaven she is so diffrent from the last 4 games.Why?I don’t minde that beacuse it’s more sexy now :love: :love: :love: :love:

    1. DarkSinisterHD

      Yea and why i can’t click on her boobs when i turn on my limit break.Can u fix that Matt Roszak :ooo: :ooo:

  34. Flarix

    I think “Snow cats + Bubble blast” combo looks broken (and, actually, the whole “chill + wet = freeze” concept). If foes have zero freeze resistance, it is possible to spam them every turn, killing enemy without any damage received. With some resistance it is also very good. Maybe add some cooldowns or reduce chance of inflicting those effects.

    Could not freeze Blue flybots and Big mud slimes this way though (normal freeze worked on Bid mud slimes). Don’t know why, I didn’t find any notes of resistance to freeze, and big blue FREEZE text is misleading (http://i.imgur.com/JgVXqo2.png bits are Frozen, but bots are not and act on their turn). Should make it consistent – add resistance and remove text or add the effect. I was able to freeze some other bots with chill + wet combo.

    Couldn’t capture thunder type golem with 30 hp and 0-1 status effects on him and luck on me for more than 20 attempts. First I thought that was one of uncapturable foes, but then I met Turrets, which cannot be targeted with Capture at all, so the golem should be capturable. Other golems were captured no problem. Maybe I am just unlucky though, it’s impossible to be certain where chances are involved.

    Frozen enemies after failed capture attempt break the frozen animation, but the effect is still there, as well as the Frozen icon. Looks weird, maybe make Capture attempts to cancel Frozen effects.

    Will try my best to find more in the future.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Oh, it looks like the Bots were frozen AND healed on the same attack, I guess that’s okay.
      I agree that Snow Cats is OP, I may give it a cooldown or something.

      I’ll have to fix that frozen/capture bug.

      1. Flarix

        Yes, now I realise that heal cancelled the freeze. But I think it is still an inconsistancy. Damage cancels freeze, healing cancels freeze. Damage + freeze leaves enemy frozen, but heal + freeze doesn’t.

  35. GAMERULmihai

    Nice demo!Can’t wait for the full game.I love the foe capturing and all of the new skills.

    Now let’s start counting the bugs and stuff that needs to be fixed: 1.if you try to capture a foe that has effects/buffs/debuffs and fail,those will disappear and will come back only after the foe attacks.
    2.one time after I killed a foe it’s debuffs were floating in the air: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8-9dPJ2SWvDNkFEcnZBMUFYTjA
    3.remember the new style the players get when their HP is low?Yeah,nice detail.Too bad some players can’t figure out the fact that they have to look normal when they have high HP again: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8-9dPJ2SWvDT1V5S2xScWRqejQ
    4.Matt,I am OK with haunted mirrors,but not with a haunted battleground.I kill a bit and it’s ghosts comes back.No,I can’t do anything to it and it can’t do anything to me.Still,rock ghosts are not my favorites,so maybe you can do something with them: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8-9dPJ2SWvDbDRCMWM0RHVXcW8 + https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8-9dPJ2SWvDQW1hT3ktbjZiYkU

    I’m sure you’ll figure out how to fix these things.But if it takes long you might need this :coffee: . Some bacon too :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: .

  36. Jeffexe

    It looks really good so far, but I have a few visual things you might want to change. On the settings screen where you choose gameplay and graphics options, the grey hover outline for “Content” is messed up. When hovering over any of the options in the “Content” section, the highlight that appears when hovering over the words is shifted off. Also, I like the fact that enemies drop their items in small bubbles, but I think having the items fly towards the players when collected is weird. Instead, maybe have the bubbles pop or dissapear when the mouse hovers over them, because the player technically IS the one controlling the party members, and it makes more sense for the player to collect the items, rather than the party members.

  37. Shraderc.inc

    I like nolegs, i will probably use him a lot, nice how his abilities have cool downs. He’s like a support rouge

  38. Cp-chan

    i used Arrow Rain like ten times with the Alchemist Bow and i keep getting Doom :skull: . im not wincing cause im not getting the other effects but im just informing you this :!: . (its kinda fun seeing the foes slowly die from the effects :smirk: ). Can you decrease the chances of Doom alittle and increase the chances on the other effects alittle on that bow? and can you do arrow rain like you did on EBF4, like every hit is a chance on a [random] effect? :?: (btw Alchemist Bow is one of my favorite weapons :love2: :love2: )

  39. Hanna-Diana-Magic


    I really don’t know if I should comment here about this but oh well
    I am just here to ask about something
    Well, many people including me liked some of the old characters you have created as well, like Lazarus and Grey Mage for example, and wanted them to appear again in the games somehow.
    I think it would be kinda cool to somehow put these characters in EBF5, like NPCs for example, they could make some interesting conversations.

    Also about the demo,
    I actually think that there’s a very small graphical error with the players’ faces when they have low HP,
    For example, when I made Anna use “Piercing Shot” and she had low HP, something strange happened with her mouth.

    Other than that, I find everything here very awesome. I really like how everything is thought with a lot of detail and the new artstyle is very cool.

  40. Jeffexe

    Instead of having the squid arms disappear into nothingness, they could be connected to the main squid body. I know before, you had the tentacles go off the screen, but I think having the tentacles attach to the squid body is better.

  41. Alex Sun

    Having a ton of fun with trying to survive with a max physical attack Natalie, max magic attack Matt, and tank NoLegs.

  42. Devin de Vries

    Me playing the demo like:
    “Gotta catch em all! Gotta catch em all!”

    Pro tip: the monster catch rate seems to go up massively when they surrender

  43. Devin de Vries

    Also it says now that the “morale” status effect now only prevents full HP KO’s instead of above 50%?

    I’m asking this because the new effect would be really, really useless :scared:

  44. Jack Dague

    I was slightly caught off-guard by the replacement for Kyun. I never said I’m complaining, just that I was caught off guard.

  45. CrazyGadget

    Lance’s “Oblivion” says it deals “massive *magical* bomb damage” but the attack type indicator says *physical.* Fix?

  46. Jack Dague

    I noticed a minor problem with the description of the tree goop enemy. You used hallowed, which is a word that could be used to describe an item of worship such as the bible. I believe the word you were looking for was hollowed.

  47. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Natz got a Limit Break, was called “Seventh Heaven” and I thought, “Oh, guess Matt’s done with the sexified limit break for Natalie. That’s not bad, I guess. This like Judgement then or…” {click}
    … WELL THEN! :ooo: (Why is Anna :love: -ing?)

    I love the battle music, I could jam to (and drive my brother insane with) this. Game looks great so far at 24 waves. I haven’t noticed any bugs as of yet.

    1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

      Ah-hah.. Whups. Didn’t think, for some dumb reason, that posting a report would cost me my all-important demo run. :tongue:

      That’s alright though. I got a taste of it. I’ll hold off on trying higher difficulty events and wait til the game comes out, or for a little while. Don’t wanna spoil the game all at once.

  48. Kai

    Music: Epic Battle Fantasy II – Traverse the Woods (New Version (Version 2. (Fast Version))) :yay:
    I love that things in old nostalgia are new too :stars:

  49. Cp-chan

    *puts on Alchemy Set and Alchemist Bow* my favorite weapons :love2: *sees Lance with a random effect weapon* :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: YES FULL PARTY OF RANDOM EFFECTS!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:
    have some bacon for this amazing thing :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon:

  50. Deividy Mario

    Hey Matt, I do not know if this is a Bug, but Matt was with -50% attack bonus, and I was using Genji Armor, Defend, and from -50% go 80% should not go to + 30%? :wut: (Brazilian here, Translated with Google Translator, sorry for grammar mistakes) :bleh:

  51. Dan Chase

    Hi. So first bugs i found. -
    -After Natz got sent in the backup team because of the turret thing, her debuffs and buffs remained over Ana who replaced her. They dissapeared after she got hit though.
    -Lance sometimes get the charged attack buff because of his equipment but there is no animation. It becomes hard to notice. Would be nice to see him charge his gun to know that the laser can be fired.
    -The Dragons and squids feel strange because their necks suddenly end when they are in the second row and third. The squid tentacles also just cut off but you can extend them off till off-screen. The dragons necks ends could be hidden behind:-make neck long enought till it goes off screen, give some dragons a mane or spike than cover the neck cut,..etc Just saying. You are not forced to do it.
    -I will look for more errors but please read the rest.
    I know it just opinions but …
    Ok, you are not forced to change the kyun animation if you don’t feel like it. At least make it optional to get Lance’s old tank. I preferred the design of Vlakyrie over the new tank. Also please, for Matt’s multi slash limit break, i preferred the old one where he dashes from his spot to hit the foe instead of first walking in front of the team then doing it. Takes a lot of the impact out. Noting was more satisfying than buffing matt, debuffing foes defenses then using it to see Matt suddenly move, almost warp, to the foe and hitting it making Akron’s eyes bulge and hearing a satisfying distorted sound. It takes a lot of impact out when he first walks in front of everybody then does it. Same with Lance’s charged gun attack. Seeing his charged gun fire suddenly in EBF4 gives the feeling that the gun became unstable and had to fire immediately instead of the walking in front of team then firing thing.
    Everything else is good though. Animation, music, Etc.
    My criticisms is that some of the original feel is gone. Been following your games since Brawl Royal. The new tank feels and looks lighter than old valkyrie so Lance’s Dio limit Break looks weaker when he falls on enemies. The Multi Slash Limit Break has lost its punch kind of feeling if the player walks then slashes away.
    Those are my opinions. I will try to find other bugs but if i do, should i comment here or on your twitter? :wut: Sorry if i sound selfish. Making changes to a game is extremely tedious but please consider. :cry: :cry: :cry:

  52. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    So I’ve encountered a Topaz Golem I got him down to 11 HP, and am giving him a thorough attempt at catching. I understand some foes simply cannot be captured, but will there be a message or something that alerts you to whether or not something resists being caught? For example, this Topaz Golem. If he can’t be caught, I currently have no way of knowing if I’m just missing Graveler with the pokeball or if he not allowed to be caught. I’m assuming you probably already got some sort of message that will appear when something cannot be caught in the works, but if not, something like that would be nice so I don’t sit here forever thinking I’m just REALLY unlucky with catching this golem. :P

    1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

      Another issue I’m having is that the “Swap Turn” arrow wheel on the characters is making it rather hard to actually read the status effects on that character. Just a minor issue.

  53. Tdim

    Has Lance always had a tail? :wut: :wut: :wut:
    It’s only visible during the Oblivion Limit Break (at least, i think)

  54. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Not sure if this is intended, but Natz’s Genesis does not revive dead allies in the back row. The skill simply says “all allies” and I assumed that it would revive those in the back row. If it is working as intended, I’d suggest maybe making clear that it revives only those on the field. If it is supposed to res those in the back… well that ya go. :neutral:

    1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

      And here’s another one. A few people have mentioned it before, but we got ourselves a Phaser Squid!
      Disem-tentacled Squid Son has returned to destroy us all.

      Other than that and the Genesis “issue(?)” above, nothing else to report today. Had fun tho. Was like thiiis close |—| to catching a flippin’ Cosmic Monolith. Poor bugger was stuck in my web… until I decided to try and stick it in my web. Had 114 HP left… and I stupidly summoned Putrid Worm on it, forgetting that that does damage, killing my prize. For all that those Monoliths incite fear.. let it never be said that David the Worm slew the mighty Monolithic Goliath. :cry:

  55. pilover

    why are some foes such as golems and monoliths like impossible to capture ?
    was it horrible luck, i took 25 tries with good luck status and failed to capture it at low hp then it died from a counter attack

    why does it seem if you have target badge/ angry faic that gives target status on defending and turtle gi that your limit break bar fills slower with target(or is just defend)?
    if so then is the turtle gi + target strategy = like 80% boost to limit break even viable?


  56. pilover

    the rainbow question mark means random effect
    (divine judegment with curse) :mad:


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