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Lego Dump

Hey guys, here’s a dump of my Lego creations from the last few weeks.

I’ve been making a lot of vehicles lately. Themed cars are fun to do – I’ll probably make more of these and pretend they’re playing Mario Kart or something.


This truck came about because I simply wanted to use the yellow and red door pieces.
It’s a retro-looking design with a few modern features too.

lego truck

And here’s another Bionicle guy! I guess he can be called Swamp, since I did Jungle earlier.
He’s got a shoulder-mounted cannon which he can aim, and that’s all he does, really.

Bionicle Swamp

Lego Kirby

Made this a little while back. All of those pink pieces turned out to be really useful.
Making a mosaic that’s not a square is a big challenge – it takes a few complicated layers to make a strong foundation. The sprites are based on the NES Kirby game, but I added some extra colors and highlights.

Lego Mario Power Ups

I discovered colors!
For a while I thought that modern Lego had too many colors and it was hard to make use of them all, but now I appreciate them. I’m not sure which exact version of Mario these are from, since they look like updated Super Mario Bros 3 sprites, and I changed them a bit more to work with the bricks I had available. But either way, they turned out very shiny, and I’ll keep probably keep these around for a long time as decorations. They took about an hour each to make.

mario lego

Lego Skull

I’m getting into this Lego mosaic thing.
I don’t know where this skull is originally from though, sorry.
I’m just looking through pixel art for designs that would look good in Lego.

lego skull

Lego Space Invaders

Had a hangover day yesterday, and watched Attack on Titan all day. It’s almost a very good show, but it still suffers from the usual anime budget problems, like padding out the episodes with boring talk scenes. Also the film Hereditary is masterpiece, one of the best horror films I’ve ever seen. It’s incredibly well made. I also went on a slug-killing crusade in the garden in my pyjamas. They come out for beer, and then it’s stabbing time.

Here’s some simple art I made for my office wall.

Bionicle MOCs: Jungle

Here’s another original Lego thing.
It took me quite a bit of experimenting to get some limb proportions that felt right – he was originally supposed to have 6 legs, but that looked like overkill.

Also if you rub his groin you get some helicopter action.

Bionicle MOCs: Water

Here’s another Bionicle. This guy’s quite normal-looking, except for them huge propellers. Big pieces used to scare me, but they’re quite cool if you start with them and build the rest of the design around them. 

Bionicle MOCs: Earth

A few years ago I was given a big box of random Lego Bionicle/Hero Factory/Technic parts. I didn’t think there was any complete sets in there, so the box just sat in storage for a long time. A few days ago I pulled it out to see what was in there. I came up with a few original Bionicle-style creatures, and I shall annoy you with Lego posts over the next few days.

Let’s start with my favourite. There was a lot of brown and sandy coloured parts, but no standard Bionicle body, so I put some random parts together and ended up with a very interesting body shape for this guy. Looks like he’s permanently in a sumo-wrestler pose.