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Fanart and v2

Hiya Folks!

In today’s exciting game dev news Matt’s rebalanced the way debuffs work in EBF5. There was no way to defend against them before, but now the Morale, Brave and Stuffed status effects can block debuff effects from direct attacks. Debuffs from status effects aren’t effected.

To soothe your Monday, here’s a very cute pixel fanart by Alexis (Meowpixels) from the EBF Discord.

Fanart: Furries

Hiya Folks,

We’ve just reached a very exciting milestone with the v2 update that you’ll hear more about in a couple days time. Very excited to share it with you all!

In the meantime enjoy this very cute furry fanart of the gang by Lynn Snow from the EBF Discord.

Fanart: Matt

Hiya Folks!

Exactly a year ago we were crunching out the final touches to EBF5 getting it ready for release, and now here we are again smoothing out v2. We’ve both been varying degrees of sick recently, but we’ve managed to power through and keep up a good pace with work to keep v2 moving along.

Here’s a cute fanart of Matt from hkbk-camb.

Fanart: Natalia

Hi Folks!

After a great Halloween we’re left with lots of pumpkin soup, cupcakes, tubs of candy and a spooky weekend to look forward to. While we continue to eat way too many sweets and prep our costumes for tonight, enjoy this spooktacular fanart of Natalia by Hana-Pong.