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EBF5: Mods and Source Code

Hey guys, I’ve been taking time off work, but here’s a recap of stuff that’s going on with EBF5.

I’ve published EBF5 on – it’s exactly the same as the Steam version, except that Steam will only let you download the game on Windows. If you want to run it as a Flash game on Linux or Mac, buy the game on and you can download the files on any operating system. Running it as a Flash game does not change any content, it only disables a few application features, such as Steam integration and some fullscreen options.

EBF3 and EBF4 are also on there, but EBF4 is still Windows-only.
All 3 games are DRM-free on both and Steam. (except for EBF4 on Steam, I’ll definitely need to update it at some point…)

I’ve also updated the EBF5 source code on my Patreon – for $2 you can have a look at all the class code in EBF5. Animation assets are not included, so it won’t compile, but it could still be useful for personal education or datamining.

Finally, EBF fan Lightning Laser is working on an EBF5 mod – It gives foes new spells, effects, and behaviours, and generally just makes battles a lot more challenging. When it’s done it’ll be available to anyone who owns the full version of EBF5 on Steam. You can chat with Lightning Laser and give him ideas on the EBF Discord. At some point I’ll post a YouTube video showing off some of the changes he’s made so far.

That’s all. I’m off to play the Nintendo.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 v2.1.4 is live!

Hey guys, EBF5 on Steam has been updated, mainly with some minor bug and typo fixes. There’s two new features though: Bosses now have some resistance to the HP debuff from Scorch, and NoLegs can now use Art Attack!

Once again I’m hoping this will be the final version, so I can start work on the mobile port. I’m not sure what to expect yet, so wish me luck! It may go surprisingly fast, or it may be hell. Who knows? Like I said before, the game already works on mobile, it’s just a case of improving the performance, changing the UI a bit, and making sure it’s all up to mobile standards.

In other news, I caved and bought a Nintendo Switch.
As the only person who bought a WiiU, it doesn’t look like much of an upgrade, which is why I waited so long. But I missed having a console in the living room for Mario Kart and Smash Bros, so here we are.

Soundtrack Changes

Hey guys, I’ve made some changes to the Epic Battle Fantasy soundtracks on Steam. Soundtracks used to be DLC, but now they are their own type of content, with the main difference being that they no longer require the base game to be owned. If you already own them, you may need to go to the soundtrack’s Steam store page and download them again.

With that in mind, I’ve increased the price of the EBF5 soundtrack from $5 to $10, and the BH2 soundtrack from Free to $10. The EBF3 and EBF4 soundtracks will continue to be free. The price changes are mainly to stop people getting the soundtracks for incredibly cheap, without needing to buy the games first.

I’ve also added two new bundles – EBF5 with the soundtrack, and BH2 with the soundtrack – so you get 20% off if you buy a game with the soundtrack, and this will combine with seasonal sales.

Here’s some other changes:
• The EBF5 soundtrack now includes 3 new songs that were added to the game after the original launch.
• Lots of metadata has been updated – some tracks weren’t numbered correctly, mentions of HalcyonicFalconX have been updated to Phyrnna.
• Some EBF3 tracks weren’t in 320kbps, now all of them are.
• The track “zomg Victory” was removed from the EBF4 soundtrack, because it’s a duplicate from the EBF3 soundtrack.

Buying Phyrnna’s music on Bandcamp is still the best way to support her, as she gets a much bigger cut over there, so keep that in mind too. And finally, if anyone feels scammed by these changes, please get in contact with me and I’ll sort it out.

Still not done with EBF5

Hey guys, as ya’ll should know, Epic Battle Fantasy 5 version 2 is finished and went live on Steam a few days ago, and the price of the game went up to $20. It seems stable, but there’s a few minor issues with the “Randomized Equips” mode that I’ll need to fix. So I guess you can expect a very small update sometime in the next week or two. Once that’s done I’ll quickly put EBF5 up for sale on, for anyone who doesn’t like using Steam.

And after that I’ll start working on the mobile version! I’m not promising anything, but it totally looks do-able.

I got my new PC btw. It’s not a *huge* improvement when it comes to my development tools, but it’s great for games, so I’m just playing the latest Tomb Raider for now. The Valve Index is out of stock apparently, so maybe I should try getting some more work done before I have a chance to purchase one.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 v2 is live!

EBF5 V2 is now live for everyone on Steam, and the price of the game will go up whenever Valve approves it. So it’s your last chance to buy it for $15!

Here’s a spoiler-free summary of what’s new:
• 52 “new” foes, with a large portion of them being bosses or mini bosses.
• 31 new achievements.
• 16 new Flair equips, 12 new skills and 2 new limit breaks.
• 50 new monster cards – a new item type.
• A new biome, 3 new dungeons, and many secret areas.
• Significant balancing and quality of life changes.
• A “Cheats and Challenges” menu that lets you customize the difficulty to a massive degree.
• A “Custom Quest” menu that lets you start a new game with major changes – such as playing with only one character, a new set of equip stats, different foes in each battle, etc.
• More art in the gallery!

You can continue from your existing save file, but I recommend starting from the beginning for the best experience. (maybe with some Custom Game or Challenge options enabled, to spice things up)