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EBF5: 25 New Weapons

Hey guys, as you know, I’ve been working on the mobile version of Epic Battle Fantasy 5, and this version will be getting some new and exclusive content – an extra 5 weapons for each player, which is 25 in total!

They’re all iconic weapons from big franchises – you’ll surely recognize most of them. I spoke with a copyright lawyer, and it turns out companies can only trademark characters – they can’t trademark the likeness of a basic object such as a weapon. Therefore it’s totally fine for me to use weapons like the Master Sword or Portal Gun in my games.

I’ve always been a big mobile gamer, so I figured that my favourite gaming platform should have the best and most complete version of EBF5. Not everyone has a PC, but you all have phones, right?

Anyway, these powerful weapons will be $11.99 each, and will only be available on April 1st every year. For the rest of the year, they will vanish from your inventory.

I hope you’re as excited about this scam as I am.

EBF5: Big Chungus Interface

Hey guys, I’m back to working on the mobile version of Epic Battle Fantasy 5.

I’m currently improving the interface for mobile screens, which mainly involves making everything 20-25% larger. This may not seem like much, but that translates to 40-55% more click area, so it really helps.

It may seem like a quick job, but since the UI already took up most of the screen, it’s not possible to simply make everything bigger. In many cases I need to rearrange UI elements, split stuff like Medals, Summons and Bestiary into more pages, and add a zoom-in feature to the minimap. Tooltip behaviour also had to be changed, since touchscreens don’t have roll-over and roll-out functionality like a mouse, but I’ve also added in a “Stylus Mode” option, which basically reverts to the PC mouse controls.

I also had to fix a lot of graphics to display correctly without filters, such as the status and buff icons.

Overall it’s going well, if a bit slowly. I will try to get a beta Android version out in a few weeks.

Flashplayer is Kill

Flashplayer is kill – Flash games will (in most cases) no longer run in browsers starting yesterday. In case you haven’t heard yet, some alternatives include BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint Infinity app (I’ve tested it, my games work on there), the Supernova plugin for Chrome, or the Pale Moon browser. I do think Flashpoint Infinity is the simplest solution though – once you set it up it’s really easy to use. I think it’s Windows-only though.

Ruffle can already play a lot of ActionScript 2 games in browsers, including Epic Battle Fantasy 1, The Kitten Game, and Mecha Dress Up Game. The games actually run much smoother than they did in Flash! Newgrounds has Ruffle enabled for games that work with it. I’m excited to see the day when Ruffle can run ActionScript 3 games – a lot more people could potentially play Epic Battle Fantasy 5 in HD without lag! If you have any spare money lying around and want to preserve Flash games, I really encourage you to donate to the project. (you can also donate your time by reporting bugs and stuff)

You’ve also got the option to buy my latest games on Steam and, which include a lot more content than the free versions. And in a few months, the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection will be available to purchase too, which will include ALL of my older games with slight updates.

Anyway, here’s some EBF5 art that Ronja made. Very cool.