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EBF5: Version 1.5

Hey guys, version 1.5 of EBF5 is available on Steam.
To opt-in, go to Steam Client > EBF5 > right-click > Properties > Betas > Select the other version.
I’ll set this live for everyone in a few days if no problems are found.

Here’s a list of changes:
• Added the Chinese New Year holiday quest, which includes 2 new equips and a new skill. (available 18th of Jan)
• Nerfed the Cosmic Gigalith. It no longer does damage when killed, and it has less HP if you save after beating it.
• Buffed the Evil Players, by making cheap tactics less effective against them.
• Added a new music track, used in the 1st and 4th dungeons.
• Reduced foe stat growth after level 36, so players are not punished for grinding at the end of the game.
• Fixed a bunch of minor bugs, translation errors, and made some minor balancing changes, like buffing Snow Cats.
• Someone pointed out that the audio was set to mono rather than stereo, so let me know if it sounds any better now.

This might be the last update for a few months. But I’ve got a lot of new content planned for later!

A Breeze From Home Remix Contest

A Breeze From Home composer Phyrnna and vocalist Troisnyx are hosting a Remix Contest on Newgrounds.

  • The winner will receive an EBF5 Steam Key and a copy of the EBF5 Original Soundtrack
  • The runner up will receive an EBF5 Steam Key

They are looking for a remix/cover that

  • is between 2min 30sec and 8min in length
  • is a new piece of music
  • incorporates the original vocals from the track
  • can be recognized as a remix/cover of the original
  • abides by Newgrounds audio rules

The deadline for submissions is on January 31st 2019 at 23:59 GMT.

Full set of rules and information can be found here.

Future Plans for EBF5

Hey guys, with EBF5 launched, here’s a little road-map of what I plan to do next.

• Sometime this month I’ll release version 1.5 on Steam, which will include some minor bug fixes and balancing tweaks, and the Chinese New Year quest.

• I’m not in a hurry to publish the game on Newgrounds and Kongregate, as I’d like to rest for a while, and it doesn’t need the extra publicity at the moment. I’ll update the free version on my website though, so please yell at me if I haven’t done that by next month.

• I have a lot of new content planned for EBF5, which I’ll release in… I dunno, half a year or more? This includes 3 more optional dungeons and other secret stuff.

• I’ll probably pause my Patreon, as I don’t have anything to post there at the moment. But sometime later I’d like to add more perks, such as a section in EBF5′s Grand Gallery that lists long-time patrons.

• Once ALL of that is out of the way, I’d like to attempt a mobile port of EBF5. Running the game on mobile is no problem, it’s just a question of improving the performance and changing the user interface. I don’t know how it will turn out.

But anyway, I’ll be taking it easy this month and maybe next month too. The only work I’ll be doing is minor game updates, replying to user problems, and legal/accounting paperwork (woo, fun) such as officially hiring Ronja.

Russian Team & New Chinese Quest

Hey guys, here’s some special fanart.
It’s the Russian translation team drawn as the EBF characters, made by their friend, LemonHeart.

Besides fanart, I don’t have much to post. I plan to update EBF5 sometime this month, with minor bug and translation fixes, and a new holiday quest for the Chinese New Year! If you’re Chinese I’d like to hear from you, as I don’t know much about your culture – but there’s a lot of you playing EBF5 on Steam! The plan is to add firecrackers, paper lanterns, and some sort of lucky charm to the game.

Christmas Steam Key Giveaway 4!


Hey guys, I’m still keeping half an eye on bug reports, but for the most part I’ve already started my holidays, and I’m gaming most of the day.

Every year I do a Christmas giveaway, where I ask people to leave comments on this website for a chance to win Steam keys. This year I don’t feel like reading comments for a whole day, so please keep your comment to one sentence! The prizes this time are obviously keys for Epic Battle Fantasy 5!

 Leave a short, one-sentence comment below.
 The comment must be unique.
 Make sure to fill in the email field so I can email you if you win.
 Winners will be emailed on the 23rd!

Let’s Plays

I’ve been following a few EBF5 Let’s Plays during my breaks, I often just have them playing in the background. Here’s some of the ones I’ve enjoyed so far.

Jman37X (English)
Sir TapTap (English)
Staszek iGRAszkowski (Polish)
Manderby  (German)
Su amiguillo Soac (Spanish)
FoL.ExEスタードック信者ちゃんねる (Japanese)
모험가 길드 (Korean)

And here’s some fanart by Otawse.


Crunch Time is Almost Over

Hey guys, EBF5 has been updated to version 1.2 on Steam. This mostly includes bug fixes and user interface improvements. Check the game News page on Steam to see a full list of changes.

With that update out, I’m almost finished doing launch maintenance. I’m still going to see if I can change the saving system to avoid using Flash .sol files completely, since those have been causing some problems. But it looks like things are finally starting to calm down, and I may get to enjoy the holidays without needing to work too hard. Maybe I’ll even get a Nintendo Switch.

In other news, I’m still trying to make interesting posts on Patreon, and revealing some secret stuff that I’m not ready to post publicly yet. I’m thinking of changing my settings so that new patrons are charged immediately, instead of needing to wait until the start of the next month. This was a huge problem when people were trying to pre-order EBF5 on Patreon, and they weren’t being charged in time. This change will make it easier for me to do Kickstarter-style rewards, as it allows big one-off payments to be made right away. I’m not sure what kind of rewards I’ll do yet, but I am considering a “Wall of Patrons” in the Grand Gallery, where for a hefty price you can have your name immortalised in the game forever. I know some people like perks like that, and it would fit with the theme of that area.

Anyway, here’s some fanart by TorresJesus.

EBF5: Steam Beta

Hey guys, if you own EBF5 on Steam, you can opt into a new beta version, by going into:
Steam Client > EBF5 > Properties > Betas > Select Beta 1.2
I need to test some new features before setting them live.

Changes include:
• Added a new fullscreen mode, “Best Fit”. It stretches the game to your current resolution. Performance will be terrible if your resolution is very high, but it should work well on different aspect ratios.
• The “NPC maker” tool is now included in the installation files, you’ll have to open it with a Flashplayer.
• You can rename your summons in the summon menu. (English only)
• Fast Text option makes text appear instantly, and also speeds up the battle Victory screen.
• You can change quantity by 10 when buying or selling items.
• 3 more window sizes added.
• The game shouldn’t try to reset your resolution on exit, if you’re playing in windowed mode.
• On the slime loading screen, you can now right-click to access Flashplayer settings, which may help those struggling with the Flashplayer pop up.
• Beast Tamer medal is harder, must catch at least a Chomper.
• Fixed a major bug where you can get stuck in a wall after going through a teleporter.
• Fixed the bug where NPC quest dialogue would be in the wrong language.
• Minor bug fixes.
• Translations not updated yet, but will be soon.

Changes that should already effect all versions:
• All 102 medals should now appear on Steam. (I’ll translate these later!)
• Store page updated to show Spanish Spanish as supported.

And here’s some fanart by SnowyDot.