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EBF5: Skills Menu

Hey guys, I’m almost done with the skill menus. These were a pain because of the huge amount of information that skills contain, and the skill menu was probably the worst part of the GUI in EBF4.

I think I managed to make things much cleaner this time, with skills neatly sorted by type, and the upgrade window clearly showing you exactly what is changing. Also there’s no penalty for moving extra skills between players this time.
skills 1
skills 2

EBF5: Player Emoticons

Here’s a huge reference sheet for all 150 player emoticons in Epic Battle Fantasy 5!
They’re all numbered so I can easily use them while writing dialogue.

There’s a bit more going on in there than just faces this time. Which ones are your favourites?

On my DeviantArt you can get a big .zip file of all of them in HD, to use for profile avatars or whatever!emote ref sheet

EBF5: Forge Menu

I’ve finished the new forge menu!
A big addition is that captured foes must now be used to upgrade some equips!
(A fan suggested this a few days ago and I of course had to do it)

So not only are foes killed for food and items, they’re also melted down (presumably while still alive) to be used as crafting materials.

Capturing tough monsters more than once would be a chore, so I’m sticking to easy/medium foes for this. Some NPCs will also ask for them in side-quests.

Another notable feature is that equips don’t start with all of their special effects, so it’s like EBF3 again. You’ll have to upgrade stuff at least a little bit to see what it does.

EBF5: Options

The options menu is almost done!
New stuff here includes:
• Content filters let you turn off stuff you don’t want to see (like anime titties while you’re at school)
• The language can now be changed without needing to restart the game (should make testing much easier)
• Some slightly more modern resolutions (Steam only)
• Tooltips to explain some of the options to you!

I haven’t decided what languages I’m doing yet, but Chinese will almost certainly be one of the new ones. (Don’t ask to volunteer, it’s still a long time away. Will be the last thing I work on.)

Also the game switches between mouse and keyboard for walking automatically now, which is helpful.


NPCs are alive now! They function pretty much like in EBF4, but now they can also appear in different places later. So there will be some recurring ones with more development. Also they also have a generic “Hello” voice clip when you talk to them – we’ll see if people like that or not later.