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Updated Comment System

So yesterday I updated the EBF5 beta on Steam to v2.0.7… but there’s a couple of big bugs in it that I need to fix ASAP. I’ll try to update it again in the next day or two, so it might not be worth playing until then. It’s getting close to completion, but each update has unwanted side effects!

In other news, I found some more options for this website!
• I changed the site comments to appear in order of newest first, which seems to make more sense than oldest first.
• I’ve disabled the need to enter a name and email when you comment – but it’s still useful if you want to be notified of a response.
• When making a comment there’s also an option to subscribe to the site mailing list.
• You now have the option to like comments! Too bad there’s no dislike button…
• I’ve added infinite scrolling to the main page, so older blog posts load automatically when you reach the bottom.

Let me know what you think of these new features!
I haven’t tested them much.

Maybe it’s time for me to update that very old header image, and figure out how to get those NoLegs emojis working again…

EBF5: Ace Medals

Hey guys, I added some stars to your medals.

I made some changes to the EBF5 challenge modes, and the game should now be beatable with all of them on.
If the last 39 medals are acquired with all challenges, no cheats, and epic difficulty, then you’ll “Ace” the medal and get a star.

Apart from the extra condition of challenges, these are activated exactly the same as normal medals – you can cheat a bit by only turning on the challenges for boss fights, waiting until the boss rushes, and you can even grind for some of them. Beating the entire game on max difficulty is definitely not required, and would take you a very long time indeed.

But anyway, that’s just another thing you can keep yourself busy with. You don’t get anything other than a star, so don’t bother with this unless you like painful difficulty.

For anyone who’s already tried the challenge options, here’s some major changes I’ve made to them yesterday, coming soon in the next update:

• 1,2,3P modes: Mimic chest surprise attack disabled, all enemy status chances reduced
• 1,2P modes: foe HP reduced appropriately in bunker
• Limited foes to one counter-attack to player’s AOE – order of foes in battle can be exploited!
• Challenges that raise enemy stats don’t have full effect in the Battle Arena
• Changed Foes Attack First to not affect the first wave
• Death works normally with Combo Cap on
• Genesis now revives backup
• Less Player Resistance no longer affects status resistance
• Nerfed some Foe Remix arena battles
• Many damaging boss summons made slightly cheaper, many other summons improved somewhat
• Some overpowered foe counterattacks and stats nerfed

Looking for German and Simplified Chinese translators

Hey guys, hope you all enjoyed your holidays.

I took a few days off work, but I’ll be polishing EBF5 v2 for most of January – there’s still some balancing, bug fixing, and translation work to be done.

I’m looking for volunteers to translate the new v2 text into German and Simplified Chinese. To qualify, you just have to be fluent in the language, and be familiar with the EBF5 game and existing translation. If you’re interested, please shoot me an email at kupo707 AT hotmail DOT com.

You’ll also need Google and Discord accounts for Google Docs and general chatting. (I realise this may be a problem for people in China… I’ll have to consider what can be done about that)

The previous translators are still around on Discord, but have very limited time at the moment. There’s no concrete deadlines, but it would be nice to have the text done in the first two weeks of January, giving us the rest of the month to test it. Overall there’s not that much new text – if you’ve played the v2 beta you’ll have a good idea already.


Happy Holidays!

Hi Folks,

We would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and hope all your holiday festivities have been relaxing and wonderful! We will continue to enjoy the time with our families sharing food, warm drinks, games, and doggo kisses.

If you’re still scrambling for last minute presents for a special someone (including yourself), Epic Battle Fantasy 4 and Bullet Heaven 2 are 50% off in the Steam Winter Sale and now is still a great time to grab EBF5 for its lower price before the v2 update!

EBF5: Bug List

Hey guys, I’m aiming to update the EBF5 v2.0 beta on Steam today, with a bunch of bug fixes, and a first draft of some of the languages. It’ll be version 2.0.6 when it’s updated – maybe wait til tomorrow to make sure it’s up. I don’t usually make a detailed list of changes, but this time I’d like to point out how boring this stage of development is. Take a look at all of these bugs, only the bold ones are somewhat serious. This is incredibly tedious work:

Fixed Grand Gallery layer issue
Fixed Book Worm crash with lovable
Fixed SP not updating immediately from a new card
Fixed equip shops tooltips being cut off
Fixed frozen/stunned foes countering
Fixed Angry Chair target-choosing behaviour
Fixed Snek berserk behaviour
Fixed the element of some Squid attacks
Fixed Haste chance on equips that always give it every turn
Fixed Glob crashing due to Lovable
Fixed enemy Bubble Ring damage type resulting in almost no damage
Fixed foes sometimes countering after surrendering
HP debuff now increases catch rate as much as Evade debuff
Fixed summon descriptions of Gem Idol, Stone Idol, Metal Idol, Snow Bat and Scaly Worm
Healing skills are now shown as “magic” type
Fixed the unobtainable broken chest at the Rainbow Gate
Fixed some arcade foes’ idle animations not stopping
Steal skill now stacks with steal equips
Fixed Sharpen not affecting backup
Fixed Sharpen used as an unleash (and probably Dispel and Sharpen when confused)

NoLegs Jump Attacks/Final Cutter get the berserk bonus now
Added more space for foe HP and evade in the foe stats display
Fixed not getting the Extreme Difficulty medal from final boss (should trigger from Gigalith and Devourer)
Set all classic foes to ignore lovable, since they have no behaviour for it – probably why some default to attacking slot 1
Fixed Ion error if Lance is not in the battle
Fixed minimap coordinates for Glob, Pumpkus, Maw and Guoye areas
Fixed Chibi Knight dialogue about mammoths on Foe Remix
Fixed the descriptions for Acid Blast, Hurricane/Whirlwind, Leaf Blade/Razor Leaf, in all languages
Fixed wrong battle icon in arena
Fixed Chopstick hat summon
Fixed Phoenix intro dialogue triggering on revive
Fixed -100% enemy resistance text being cut off in Bestiary
Fixed Gigalith shiftCount behaviour
Fixed virus spread reducing Target stacks
Buster Sword has real stats now
Fixed MAW’s push-out effect by removing it
Enabled target status stacking, so you can use both flairs at once
Changed Target to decay at the start of your turn, not at the end
Fixed Sabrina’s hair
Art Attack animation updated
Fixed secret rainbow chests not being counted correctly for treasure finder
Fixed dropped chests not being counted correctly for treasure finder
Fixed Natalie having invalid HP when rejoining your party in Newgame+ (crashes at the start of battle or in party menu)
Fixed equip icon problems in Randomized Equip mode
Fixed possibility of getting trapped in the Rapture cave
Fixed errors due to rearanging party members while entering Battle Arena – menu is now closed during transition

Fixed Chibi Knights not counter-attacking