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Patreon is okay again!

(continuation of an earlier post)

Hey guys, after a lot of pushback, Patreon has decided not to change their fee system!
This is good news, as it means they will continue aggregating all of your pledges into one monthly payment, and you won’t get hit by transaction fees multiple times. So if you support 10 different people, you’ll only be hit with one fee, as before. (and the fee will continue to be invisible to you, being taken out from our end)

But basically, the smaller your monthly amount, the bigger proportion goes to fees. If you’re only giving a $1 or $2 in total on Patreon, it’s probably not worth using. Save up your money and give $10 after a year instead. No point in giving 35% of your pledge to PayPal or Credit Card companies. The main benefit of Patreon (in my opinion) is that you can make lots of micropayments together, as an efficient larger payment.

It’s also worth noting that protesting actually works, if you hit your opponent where it hurts: in PR and cashflow!

Anyhow, in EBF5 development news, the overworld map is complete now!
I’ve just got two of the premium dungeons left to do. After that I’ll finish off NPCs and sidequests, and then patrons will be able to test it all out. It would have been nice to get it done by Christmas, but that’s probably not going to happen. I’ll have many more animated gifs done before then though.

I suppose I may have to do my usual Christmas Steam key giveaway soon…

EBF5: 77% done

EBF5 is about 77% complete. It’s been roughly two whole years of full time development now.
I would have liked to be a bit further along by now, but at least the extra time is paying off and there’s a big jump in quality over the previous games. Everything is turning out better than I originally envisioned – I’m redoing stuff I planned on recycling, and generally putting a lot more effort into everything. It’s tiring, but hopefully will have been worth it.

And by some miracle EBF4 is still selling well enough to cover my living expenses… so huge thanks to everyone for that.

If I ever decide to work on a  3-year project ever again… please kill me.

Well actually, if EBF5 is successful… I’ll have to keep working on it for even longer after it’s finished, with all the leftover plans I’ve got saved for future updates.

EBF5: Map Blog

I’m really happy with some of the maps I’ve made lately. But it’s frustrating not being able to show them yet. I’ll make some more gifs once the foes and NPCs are placed, but even then I’m not showing off very much.

I’ve got the first two premium dungeons done. The first one is super pretty and has some reasonably challenging puzzles, and an interesting gimmick for the boss: you can choose which weather you prefer for the fight. The second one takes things in an even more experimental direction…. It’s the “get the paper out and take notes” type of puzzle solving. I’m sure some people will hate it, but I look forward to the reactions.

And finally, I often get asked how big the world map is compared to EBF4, and it’s looking like it’s going to be roughly double the size, on account of each map being 50% bigger and also building interiors increasing the size a lot.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to buy a house the last few weeks. It’s a very competitive market at the moment, with everything decent having around 5 people fighting over it. I’m not in a hurry yet, so I’m not going all out with my bids. It’s kind of fun looking at houses, but also sad when you get somewhat attached to them and then get outbid later. Oh well.