Cat Cafe

Testing instructions:
Since this is running in FlashPlayer and not Air, some features don’t quite work as intended.
This is the mobile version of Cat Cafe, you should pretend you’re playing it on a mobile device.
The mouse is your finger/stylus.
The space-key is the back or home button on your device, try it out sometimes. It usually just takes you to the main menu or pauses.
This game is designed to be played for 5 minutes at a time. If it starts feeling grindy, click the “get $$$” button on the main menu to cheat.
The game might lose focus sometimes, meaning that the music might stop or the space key won’t work. Just click anywhere to regain focus. This is Flashplayer’s fault and works fine in Air.
This is the square-est aspect ratio the game supports, but most devices will have a wider one, so the clock and cash register will be further to the sides, and things will be less cluttered.
I’m mainly testing the game logic here, not so much the usability.

What’s not finished:
The links to Google Play are not ready yet, so you can’t donate or rate.
The ads Aren’t done either.
The screenshot feature is disabled because it requires Air.
I’ll optimize the game a bit more for phones, but you don’t have to worry about that now.

What to test:
Check if all of the achievements are possible, use the money cheat if you want. Might be a hard with mouse controls though. 😛
Check that data is saved correctly when you reload the game, and also that everything is deleted when you clear the data.
Check that all the buttons and menus work, except the broken links mentioned above. Also use the space-key to exit menus.
Look out for spelling mistakes.
Look out for bugs and strange behavior, obviously.
Performance is not really an issue right now, since you won’t be playing this on a PC anyway. But if you aren’t getting at least 30 fps, you should be worried.
No one has tested this except for me so far, so I’m looking for feedback in general.

I’ll release this on Android as soon as I finish setting up my Google account stuff, and figure out how to implement in-app purchases.

39 thoughts on “Cat Cafe

  1. Jonathon

    ERMERGERD THE CATS CAN BE SMAKED WHEN YOU GIVE EM DA WRONG DRANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:

  2. Cat

    Cat café is so adorable I wish it would show my cat the when I play otherwise so adorable! :smirk: :yay: :hurray: :ooo: :tongue: :love: :love2: :stars: 🙁 😐 :meh: :bleh: 😥 :sick: :scared: :shades: 😡 :wut: ❓ ❗ ➡ :skull: :phone: :phone2: 👿 :coffee: :bacon:

  3. mad-likes-swords

    ah, after getting three strikes and you end up on the score page, I pressed the space bar and the screen turns to a blank wall. when I clicked randomly in the bottom area, I could still pick up drinks. ❓
    on certain pages, like Medals, Upgrades, and Dress Up for example, I can’t return to the title screen unless I click the game then press space, even when I never clicked outside the game before that. :ooo:
    ah, and not to be a grammar Lance, but the commas for some sentences for descriptions aren’t really necessary since the sentences are an independent clause and dependent clause. 🙁

    but thank you so much for making this cute game, Matt!~ it’s great fun, even if I can’t beat Epic Battle Fantasy 2 yet :yay: :coffee:

  4. gongol

    used a WACOM tablet worked fine, did notice that when i clicked away from the game the wonderful music stopped :phone2: ❗

  5. Wesley Black

    Your game is extreamly fun and i beleive it will be greatto have on phone i know i will deffinatly be a part of it!! :yay: All i gotta say is great game at some point in time after the 7 happy hour it gets VERY hard to keep up

  6. Snakke

    I only played three times but this is what I’ve got so far.
    Game crashed while viewing the upgrade “score multiplyer” after playing once (no idea what may caused this but just mentioning it).
    After playing for the first time I completed a few challenges wich I didn’t check before playing and I have no description what it is whatsoever e.g. Quick Service (no idea if this was intentional or not).
    Gameplay is fine a.t.m.
    After buying happy hour power 1 and immediatly buying positive energy 1 after, when I looked at the description card of positive energy 2, it was the same description as happy hour power 2 this description is: make happy hour last a bit longer, and increase the cost of dicounted drinks.
    (-> regarding this phrase, English isn’t my first language but do you have a comma before an “and”? I think you can drop the comma, I’m not sure about this though)
    Also if cats show up during the Happy Hour they will ask for one specific drink at a discounted price, however if you don’t serve those guys during the Happy Hour but when happy hour is finished they don’t pay a discounted price but the full price.
    The game looks solid so far, plays a bit weird in browser, as far as framerate goes I got a constant 30 fps for the title screen and 60 fps while in-game.

  7. SirBlackMage

    Wow, Really awesome! :yay:
    I’m instantly gonna get it when it’s released! :stars:
    The only bug I’ve found is the one everyone has already pointed out (Drinks getting stuck somewhere on the screen).
    Nice Job Matt. :smirk:

  8. ShadowSun

    :hurray: Cool, but the description on “Positive energy 2” was wrong… 😐
    May want to check those again. But anyway, awesome!

  9. RealShadowCaster

    Buttons activate on finger up, wich is nice interface wise, but the visuals are off : state middle pressed is activated on hover wich does not make sense for mobile app, and state down is activated on finger down or drag, but only if starting point of drag is on button.
    Middle pressed should activate on finger over, state not pressed on finger leaving the button area, and click animation (down, middle, up) on finger off.
    Sound sliders are also not very user friendly : once selected they should remain active (with visual) as long as the finger is on the screen and move based on X coordinate.
    About the game, the greatest thing that could be added would be multi touch. I’d love to be able to serve two drinks at the same time, or to play with a friend. (fingers crossed, pun intended).
    Maybe for Cat cafe 2 ?

  10. Arcterran

    First Playthrough

    I thought there was a bug where I had to fail four times despite three “strike papers” appearing well I was wrong on that! (see “General thoughts Section”).

    I’m assuming it’s the intention that you can’t go into negative money. But just in case I’ll point it out here!

    Second playthrough

    Nothing to note although I thought happy customer wasn’t saving, turns out I was wrong! (Again see “General thoughts” Section)

    Exited fine using “back”

    third playthrough

    Well took me THREE tries to fail that time, I think what happened there was that the other cat left like he would If I ignored him (due to the timing of it all) as the fail screen was coming up, thus I misinterpreted that result. My bad!

    Punching bag works 😛

    Made a cat after I “failed”. Achievement works!

    Fourth playthrough

    You can still serve cats drinks once you “strike out”. Also the game state keeps running, despite fading to the menu background. (heard the happy hour music when I was trying to type all of this up XD)

    It did record the stats MOSTLY correctly (I say mostly because It counted the cat that I gave a drink to correctly, but the time was right).

    Couldn’t get Punching bag x2 (yes I’m abusive to virtual animals but remember it’s for science! You monster! Plus Epic battle fantasy conditioned me to kill cartoony cats :P) However I was able to get a happy customer 3 in an earlier playthrough

    Deleted data after that

    General thoughts

    A bit hard to understand the achievement feedback. Since some of them only have one “tier” (the cat dress up for example), vs multiple “tiers” (Happy customer, Successful buisiness, ect).

    Feedback (game->player) seems to be the main problem I can see with this game. Again with the achievements, and with the fails. During my first playthrough I thought I had to fail four times to actually trigger the failure state, however it turns out the timing was just bad (right when the last cat left, the game faded to the menu screen) perhaps a universal “This place sucks!” reaction where all the cats leave at the same time on failure?

    The Meow Beer….thing…. I almost missed on my first playthrough until a cat came up and asked for one and I was like “wait WHAT!?” It was literally in the corner of my eye.

    missing apostraphies on “cats” (implies plural) when it should be possessive “cat’s” (implies that the cat owns something)

    A few positive notes

    Absolutley ADORABLE!

    The concept was very easy to pick up, despite being “thrown to the wolves” as it were.

    I could see myself wasting more time than I planned to on this. (Basically “One More Turn” Syndrome, if you haven’t heard of it or are not familliar, It coined thanks to games like “Civilization” and “Masters of Orion” where despite the fact you had other pressing concerns you just had to “play one more turn”)

    Ran fine on my pathetic laptop at least 😛 (despite aformentioned gamestate bug)

    Hope that helps!


  11. Evilninjadude

    Dragging any drink and letting go of it outside the game’s box will cause the drink to be stuck to your cursor until you click. When you click, however, the drink is not dropped onto a cat but disappears. This makes the coordination errors build up as one mistake leads to the next.

    Also, achievements obscure the top half of the drinks ordered by the cats. I love the way I can recognize each drink by color and don’t have to focus my eyes on them, but it DOES get bad when half of the drink is hidden from sight by my “reward”. I dunno where else you could put it, though…

  12. Shadowdude

    The second and third “Positive Energy” upgrades have the same description as “Happy Hour Power” upgrades.

  13. Lythande

    The “cats” in the description of the money clip is missing an apostrophe… Also “theyre in the Lucky Clover and “doesnt” in the Cap… Actually it seems like all of them are missing for whatever reason.

    I can confirm the stuck drink thing. That really confused me on my first game.

  14. iStalkCheese

    If you click and drag a drink on top of any other drink on the bar at the bottom, right click, and try to select another drink, the first drink you picked up gets stuck on the screen until the game ends.

    1. Xazo-Tak

      There’s not much point in reporting bugs, since loads are probably due to this being a mobile game run on a PC.


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