Bullet Heaven 3 [Prototype]

Hey guys, here’s a new shoot-em-up game made in Ruffle for the Flash Forward Game Jam!

You’ve got a bunch of control schemes to choose from – I recommend the 3rd one, personally.
If you want to play on mobile, you’ll need to have a stylus and pick the first option – but it’s probably going to be quite laggy, so I strongly suggest playing on a PC with a mouse.

Oh, and you can press R to end a level instantly, and right-click to go into fullscreen mode!

Despite being a fairly quick project, there’s quite a lot of content if you want to 100% it.
Sadly I had to re-use backgrounds and music from my other games, as there wasn’t enough time to make new ones. 😛

You can download an offline version of the game here on Itch.io.
That should run a little bit smoother than this browser version.

29 thoughts on “Bullet Heaven 3 [Prototype]

  1. Blackshot31

    On Android with Galaxy Note 10 you can play using Spen via Samsung’s browser, congratulations on your work <3

  2. YEET!

    Hey Matt, I found a glitch where if you press R on level 10, you will get the warmed up medal, despite not actually beating the level.

    1. Jme

      Sheesh calm down. This isn’t a real-time chat, this is basically a comments section. That means that it is possible to get no reply in a few years.

  3. Gliga Alin

    Thank you Matt for putting BH3 Prototype but one question…Why did you took out Epic battle fantasy 5 Free Version and Epic Battle Fantasy Battle Demo? I want them back to test them on my android, and that remind me…When will come out Epic battle fantasy 5 Android Version? =)

    1. cyberlight

      flash is dead, ya moron, and for the forseeable future ruffle cant do actionscript 3 stuff like ebf5, or even 3

  4. Anonymous

    Hard mode is definitely harder than normal mode which is good 🙂 and after getting all achievements I feel satisfied with the time spent playing it especially since it was a bit annoying getting every level a minimum A rank including that of hard mode. The achievements that were made so far in this prototype feel as though they make people or at least me put in more effort into the game which is good. 🙂

  5. AC

    Fun stuff. Can we please have an option to toggle what level of movement speed we use? Playing on keyboard max movement speed is harder to use than a few levels lower.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I agree that I made movement speed too fast, but the game is balanced around that now so it’s probably not going to change.

  6. odol

    this is really fun tbh, my only complain is probably whenever I tried to collect a coin when a new wave starts, I almost always waste a heart everytime because I accidentally ran into an enemies while trying to collect the coins. Maybe add an invincibilty frame everytime a new wave starts?

    1. CaseStripe

      Yes, there’s no pause for collecting coins between waves and the gameplay keeps on till the level ends. So the magnet upgate is more important than before. I can’t say whether it’s good or bad. The pace is just different here in BH3.

  7. oof

    I honestly do not like the hitbox being kind of big when trying to not take any damage to get S rank. Also adding bosses might be pretty cool. Pretty fun game overall though, considering it was only made in under a month! (I do not mean to be negative, its pretty fun, I just really am annoyed about the hitbox… but that might just be me.)

  8. Anonymous

    This is a good game however it feels as though something is missing to me in comparison to bullet heaven 1 and 2 and not just due to the fact that this is a prototype with reused backgrounds not sure why maybe it is because it plays out differently or possibly cause there are no bosses in the prototype.

    1. CaseStripe

      I think it’s because of the different gameplay and pace. Unlike in BH1 and BH2 where we mainly shoot forward, BH3 is a top-down shooter where we shoot in 360 degrees. The foes could appear in all directions and surround us with bullets. I feel it requires better controling and could be more difficult than former BH games. When I play BH1 and 2 I would think like Matt,”just keep shooting and going forward, I’ll always hit something, grab some coins and reach the end of level”, while in BH3 I find myself thinking like Lance,”ahh, left, right, behind, they are everywhere…pewpewpew, it’s just a bush/bug/mushroom, i can make it”. Maybe it’s the Matt style optimism that’s missing and it may take us a few minutes to get used to. Anyway, this is just a prototype and much more is yet to come. I’m looking forward to another great game!

  9. NieR

    I don’t agree, i’m fan EPIC BATTLE FANTASY 3.3 BULLET HEAVEN and EPIC BATTLE FANTASY 4.4 BULLET HEAVEN 2, and EBF 5.5 BH3 is much… much wirst as two previous games. Sadly but this is true

  10. YEET!

    It’s great, but I did at one point get a glitch where I could only shoot up-left, left, and down- left. It happened after I was swapping between control types. I fixed it by refreshing and it didn’t come back.


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