Epic Battle Fantasy Prototype

The first version of Epic Battle Fantasy!
It’s not very good…

26 thoughts on “Epic Battle Fantasy Prototype

  1. pgfreak

    What…that’s it? Well, it is a prototype, but for the amazing and long EBF I was expecting it to be longer, even if it is a prototype.

  2. GIJOE

    i beat the game, it reset
    now everything is broken.
    several instances of the music are playing and it sounds horrible, both of them can use ice, using p2′s mana, and going into negatives, sometimes you can do other things, but it’s crazy.
    for example: p1 using epic on himself and instantly dying. and p2 using cure on the enemy. also, it makes me use ice even if i don’t click. :?: :?: :?:

  3. bears

    the prototype is ok
    player 2 dies too easy as he is targeted first
    player 1 don’t need him spam defense then drain
    why defense heal 50 health

  4. Kini Bara

    Well damn. Players are bad quality compared to the enemies. Such bad game 0/10. Make EBF5 just like this one though. I mean, this IS EBF4.5 right? :smirk:


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