EBF3 Map System

A prototype of the EBF3 map system and main town.
None of the graphics survived to the final version, and the town is completely different.

2 thoughts on “EBF3 Map System

  1. SirBlackMage

    Never noticed this until now. :neutral:
    Also, nice inscriptions on the graves.
    Aeris and General Leo. :smirk:
    Also; I guess Muffin was your pet (cat.. or maybe dog :?: )
    And I found a sign saying “what up dog”. :hurray:
    Btw, you seem to have used the same “pig squealing noise” from back then until now. :tongue:
    (Also, I think that one pig you can interact with is the only object in this demo that produces any sound.)
    It’s cool to see how drastically everything changed in those few years.
    Having all entrances to the different areas in the game right at the start (but probably inaccessable until later) is also waaay different from the final game.
    The Conclusion: It’s nice to see how your stile and quality changed over the years and have a look at an earlier version of EBF3. :stars:
    I should stop writing now. Like seriously. :ooo:


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