EBF5: Tough Love Mod

Hey guys, the amount of new content in Feit-Neo’s (aka LightningLaser’s) EBF5 mod is growing. In earlier posts I showed off some of the new status effects and new skills, and this time I’m showing you some of the new weapons in the mod. Each player gets 4 new and fully functional weapons. As you can see, they’re mostly based on weapons that have appeared in various places in the EBF games, but many of them have never been usable. On top of that, a lot of old weapons have been rebalanced too.

It’s not finished yet, but you can try out the mod using the patch files found in the #ebf-mod-archive channel on the EBF Discord. https://discord.com/invite/9NdK6Wh

And you can chat about Mods in the #ebf-mod-discussion channel.

Alternatively, you can wait until the mod is finished, as it’ll be distributed as a Beta Branch of EBF5 on Steam, which would make it very easy to opt-into and install.

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