EBF5: Mobile Update

Hey guys. On Monday I started writing a blog about why I’ve been so unproductive this year, but it sounded really pathetic, so I immediately got back to work. The interface is almost done for the EBF5 mobile port – I’ve added boxes around all of the buttons to make them clearer for touch controls, everything’s been made larger, and the game is generally totally playable now. I even played around with the vibrate feature during big attacks, but I didn’t like it so I gave up on that.

I’ve started setting up the Google Play Store page for the game, and that’s where things get more complicated. There’s a lot of hoops to jump through to get the app approved, and to add features like ads, in-app purchases, achievements, and mayyyybe even cloud saving. It’s all very technical, but there’s a lot of documentation for me to read, and a lot of services I need to sign up for, and then I still gotta actually program and test the stuff. At least I can re-use the Steam trailer.

Oh, and I’ve only tested the game on my device so far. I’m sure there will be a lot of new problems on other devices.

Overall it’s pretty exciting though.

8 thoughts on “EBF5: Mobile Update

  1. Aiden

    I would love to be able to even play the beta of the game, I play Epic Battle Fantasy since I was 11 years old, I am dying of desperation to play it, good luck Matt! 🙂 I would love to play EBF5 without having to turn on the computer

  2. Hellcat

    Noice, I was starting to lose hope. But tbh, I would have prefer progress on EBF Collection.

  3. Evan

    Hi Matt,

    How’s the performance and file size for the game? I’m not proud of it, but going for the budget option may be why I’m typing this out on android, rather than iOS. Anyways, I’m very glad to see you’re still working on this: There’s a serious lack of decent RPGs for mobile if you’re unwilling to emulate. And in my opinion, EBF 4 and 5 are some of the best games in the ff1-style of battle, period. Cheers and good luck!

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Haven’t tested it on other devices yet. But it’ll probably be better than what it is on old PCs.

      1. Anonymous

        well… worse it can´t be… at least from my PERSONAL expereince

        laptop from 2010 and the game worked whit all settings in the maximun whit fps drop just a few times when i let the game open for 2 minutes WHIOUT touching the screen in any kind of way

    2. Rbstat

      Your comment prompted me to check my ios app store to see what i could find.

      Mostly ports, like 75% ports. Although some of those ports actually seem half decent, like FF 1-6.
      Or even (get this) One night at flumpty’s 1 and 2. Could not believe what I saw.


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