We got a dog!

Hi Folks,

I am extremely honoured to introduce everyone to the newest addition to our family: Ethel! (Also known as Lentil, Macbethel, Miss Piggy, Snorty, Scabby etc.)

She is a 7 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier and French Bulldog mix who has sadly moved around quite a lot already, but a couple weeks ago she arrived at her forever home with us. She loves walks, playing, chewing things, giving us the wettest kisses, and above all having a comfy snoozle on the sofa with us. She’s settled incredibly well and is an absolute little dream to have around. We’re still getting used to being puppy parents, but the house is definitely much livelier and having a lap heater in winter is definitely a bonus. She’s yet to meet the other dogs in the family so we’re keeping our fingers crossed we manage to plan and execute successful introductions and socialisation in this pandemic environment.

Hope you’ve all had a great Holiday period so far, we’re enjoying this little bean of love and you’re sure to hear more of her adventures in the future too!

7 thoughts on “We got a dog!

  1. Gundom Visitor

    NoLegs is about to complain about his name not being as cute as Ethel (then again NoLegs aged well that his name became awesome)


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