EBF5: New Palettes

Hey guys, I’m still gradually fixing the map colors in the mobile version of EBF5. As you may recall, filters don’t work on mobile, and I often used them to change objects’ hues. So I’m going through all of the maps and using alternative methods of transforming colors. Most maps will end up looking the same, but sometimes I’ll have a bit of fun and try out some new colors, and below you can see an example of that.

Anyway, it’s a mostly tedious process, but I’m getting through it.

9 thoughts on “EBF5: New Palettes

  1. someone, somewhere

    matt, since i have no ideia about how you are working on the game, may i suggest that you add the premium version as an in-app puchase? this way, the maps and extra content will stay in the normal game, but will only be avaliable once you purchase them… so both people who brought the game and the ones who play the flash version can play on mobile. Btw, nice job with the pallets. but this “broken” filterless version also looks nice, its like a clay temple

  2. anonymous

    If you were changing this map then use the broken with the lighting effect of the new palettes as I feel there should be less green as its on top of a mountain/hill and thus having lighting would make the broken a lot better looking.

  3. Sticks

    Yeah the new palette looks amazing! It honestly makes the temple look a lot older and sells the whole idea of a temple more than the original, but thats just me. Really good looking either way though!

  4. Water Melon

    That sucks. Let’s hope mobile players don’t make a fuss about it too much, I think the new palettes look just as good as their originals.


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