EBF5: Mods and Source Code

Hey guys, I’ve been taking time off work, but here’s a recap of stuff that’s going on with EBF5.

I’ve published EBF5 on Itch.io – it’s exactly the same as the Steam version, except that Steam will only let you download the game on Windows. If you want to run it as a Flash game on Linux or Mac, buy the game on Itch.io and you can download the files on any operating system. Running it as a Flash game does not change any content, it only disables a few application features, such as Steam integration and some fullscreen options.

EBF3 and EBF4 are also on there, but EBF4 is still Windows-only.
All 3 games are DRM-free on both Itch.io and Steam. (except for EBF4 on Steam, I’ll definitely need to update it at some point…)

I’ve also updated the EBF5 source code on my Patreon – for $2 you can have a look at all the class code in EBF5. Animation assets are not included, so it won’t compile, but it could still be useful for personal education or datamining.

Finally, EBF fan Lightning Laser is working on an EBF5 mod – It gives foes new spells, effects, and behaviours, and generally just makes battles a lot more challenging. When it’s done it’ll be available to anyone who owns the full version of EBF5 on Steam. You can chat with Lightning Laser and give him ideas on the EBF Discord. At some point I’ll post a YouTube video showing off some of the changes he’s made so far.

That’s all. I’m off to play the Nintendo.

12 thoughts on “EBF5: Mods and Source Code

  1. Dillon Kavanagh

    Hey, thank you for making such an amazing series of games. I fell in love with EBF when I was in college and I am absolutely loving the latest installation. There is a large part of me that hopes the series never dies, as unrealistic as that may be. It’s just everything great about stupid flash games taken to 11 and fleshed out into an actual gaming experience full of challenges, great characters, fun art, ridiculous foes, and an actual story. Well done, to say the very least.

  2. TyloThorn

    Out of curiosity, say you’d give the main characters last names, what would those be? 😀
    Unless you hate thinking of names… especially last names.

  3. Drsnipey

    Hey I played EBF 3 and 4 and I loved it, I played the free version of 5 and felt guilty so I bought it through Itch.io but it doesnt let me run it since I’m an idiot. Im not sure how to get this to work on mac since i normally play on like the ps4 and switch. Does anyone know how to make this game work on mac?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Run “Mac Flashplayer.dmg” and open “Epic Battle Fantasy 5.swf” with it. I dunno how Macs work, but I think just dragging the .swf file into the player should be enough.

  4. Mike

    People are still waiting on the Web Version of Epic battle fantasy 5 V.2 cause of epic battle fantasy 4 having v.2 on the web browser(Computer) if its coming?


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