Epic Battle Fantasy 5 v2.1.4 is live!

Hey guys, EBF5 on Steam has been updated, mainly with some minor bug and typo fixes. There’s two new features though: Bosses now have some resistance to the HP debuff from Scorch, and NoLegs can now use Art Attack!

Once again I’m hoping this will be the final version, so I can start work on the mobile port. I’m not sure what to expect yet, so wish me luck! It may go surprisingly fast, or it may be hell. Who knows? Like I said before, the game already works on mobile, it’s just a case of improving the performance, changing the UI a bit, and making sure it’s all up to mobile standards.

In other news, I caved and bought a Nintendo Switch.
As the only person who bought a WiiU, it doesn’t look like much of an upgrade, which is why I waited so long. But I missed having a console in the living room for Mario Kart and Smash Bros, so here we are.

17 thoughts on “Epic Battle Fantasy 5 v2.1.4 is live!

  1. Jeanio

    Hey Matt, ever thought about releasing the game on the switch?
    You could try your luck with Nintendo since they are porting so many PC games there (and your game has a decent popularity on steam!)

  2. Aarun

    A mobile version would be amazing! I don’t get the chance to play as often as I wish I could on the computer, but I would happily pay for a second copy on the iPhone because it is so much more convenient. Thank you!

  3. RockOwlGamer

    Can we get something more for the Collect All Medal Room other then just more paintings and some stat boosters? I feel kinda ripped off a tad to be honest

    especially after finally mentally preparing myself for the Epic Arcade Mode medal which took an hour or so to get

    I know Im complaining but there’s 133 medals and something more nostalgic would’ve been nice, like say fighting Akron again only he’s actually good instead of just being intimidating in his EBF 3 carnation

      1. RockOwlGamer

        cheats aren’t much after you’ve already beaten the game and have nothing else to do, sorry Im complaining about it, I know you did a lot of good work

  4. Gundom visitor

    Spoiler warning, and you are allowed to criticize me for it, but I was wondering. In the data bunker there are art pieces detailing map areas that are not present in the actual ebf5, and they all seemed interconnected. Does this hint at some ebf5 version of battle mountain?

      1. Toxic Bobcat

        Hmmm… so it will be like one of those mobile games that let you play for free for a little bit but then if you want to advance the story you have to pay?

        Also, will it be on Amazon Appstore?

  5. Omega Sentinel

    – Hope you can find people that can help you with problems you have on the mobile porting, wonder how or if the Beta stage will happen. Also looking forward to the UI changes.
    -Still waiting to get a Switch, but at least it is more time for game releases, discounts and for things to improve ?
    – xD tbf, I expected the final boss to have better HP debuff resistance, is his res “low” because his HP pool is already kinda high or ?


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