EBF5 1st birthday!

Hiya Folks!

Over the weekend Epic Battle Fantasy 5 had it’s first birthday and to celebrate we launched the v2.0 beta on Steam. You can check here for the full post and how to access the beta.

Here’s a cute birthday fanart from Pastapanic.

6 thoughts on “EBF5 1st birthday!

  1. Haseo

    thanks for your 5 game series (and then some). i remember when i randomly found your games (i believe EBF2 or 1) on bubble box/ kongregate way back and i got hooked on them immediately. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EBF5. lets hope for more great stuff/ games in the future.

  2. cathulion

    Is there a chance to get a reset non-essential dialogues button?
    Like in the Grand Gallery when viewing artworks, on entering an area, when encountering/getting hit by (getting struck by) a foe, using an ability etc.


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