Fanart and v2

Hiya Folks!

In today’s exciting game dev news Matt’s rebalanced the way debuffs work in EBF5. There was no way to defend against them before, but now the Morale, Brave and Stuffed status effects can block debuff effects from direct attacks. Debuffs from status effects aren’t effected.

To soothe your Monday, here’s a very cute pixel fanart by Alexis (Meowpixels) from the EBF Discord.

4 thoughts on “Fanart and v2

  1. A Basic Slime

    I’m guessing that Morale defends against Defensive debuffs and Brave Defends against Offensive debuffs, not sure about stuffed though

  2. GligaAlin28

    Matt, about beta tester… after you FINISHED and îs version 2.0 complet EPIC MEDALS can be maked by activating CHEATS AND CHALLENGES?


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