Fanart: Furries

Hiya Folks,

We’ve just reached a very exciting milestone with the v2 update that you’ll hear more about in a couple days time. Very excited to share it with you all!

In the meantime enjoy this very cute furry fanart of the gang by Lynn Snow from the EBF Discord.

15 thoughts on “Fanart: Furries

  1. AR

    As this image loaded, I really hoped that NoLegs would have human flesh. Reality is often disappointing, but good art.

    1. Ronja Post author

      After some digging, I’m pretty sure it’s the artist’s furry character cosplaying as the EBF gang, and not just a fanart. Sorry for the confusion!

    1. Ronja Post author

      The beta version on Steam will happen on an opt in basis, meaning you can take part, but automatically won’t. Once the beta testing is done and the update is officially launched, it will be an automatic update through Steam.

  2. ShadowsSun

    I agree, getting your first piece of furry fanart IS an important milestone in any franchises history.

    Somewhat uncomfortable, but important!


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