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Hi Folks!

EBF5v2 is getting close to the finish line and this week we’ve been testing it together with the Patreon supporters. In the midst of bug fixes Matt made these mini icons for the new custom game modes.

We also had some excitement on Monday night when Matt decided to stream himself plying EBF5 to showcase some of the new content coming in the v2 update. The stream was quite laggy at times, but it was Matt’s first ever stream and we definitely learned a lot in addition to having blast! In case you missed it, you can watch the stream here (this will obviously contain some spoilers for EBF5v2).

6 thoughts on “Icons and Stream

  1. KNEF

    I have small question, but dunno if I’m in correct post… 😉
    Anyyyway – is there gonna be winter/christmas sale on Steam with EBF5? Because I didn’t get a chance to catch with Halloween Sale (out of town, with no signal…) :/
    And bonus question – what happened to site icons?! 😮 There were awesome with NoLegs and so…


    1. Matt Roszak

      Yup, there will be a Christmas sale. It won’t be a big discount though.

      I recently updated my website, and I haven’t figured out how to replace the emoticons yet.

      1. KNEF

        I must count every dollar, ’cause my financal situation, so discount would be nice X-mas present 😛

        Ohh, bummer… and I’m guessing rechecking old site logs doesn’t help? 🙁
        But You R clever guy – U will figure it somehow someday ^^

        PS. Thx 4 game, it’s really great job!
        I played in every earlier part (on Kongregate + Adventure) and have 3&4 on Steam 🙂
        After those years it still kick ass!

  2. Remus Lupine

    Awesome! Wish I had the money to support on Patreon, but I can wait for the public Beta testing. Between this and the Terraria update, these next few months are gonna be a lot of fun. Thank you all for helping make such a great game, and making this game even greater after release.


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