EBF5: Card Menu

Hey guys, the card and cheats menus are done!
I’m hoping these cards will be as fun to collect as achievements are.
You’ll usually find them in hard-to-reach treasure chests.

The big V2 update is 50% done btw! I’ll write a progress report tomorrow.
card UI

11 thoughts on “EBF5: Card Menu

  1. Treesus

    Super excited for this update!!! This is genuinely making me want to restart my playthrough, especially if there are gonna be more achievements plus all of these cards. It’s nice to see that each card gives a small buff, which grows exponentially as you collect more cards :love2: :yay:

  2. TheMattHimself

    So heres the things i noticed:
    1.Collecting cards give you permanent bonuses.
    2.Some of them are ebf monsters with pokemon style art like the lava slime,Bush,etc.
    3.These cards give four bonuses one coin drop,two is a slime i dunno what it is meant for,third is sp which we all know about and the fourth one is the increase rate of capturing monsters.
    4.All fakemons have their own lore.
    5.The companion cube in the cheats and challenges area is a reference to portal.
    6.There are wood,lava,gold,sea and dark fakemons so far.
    I hope you like it


    really wished I had a pc, so i could play the deluxe version of steam 🙁
    Is there a way you can make it available for mac by any chance?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      There’s no full Mac support, but if you buy it on Steam and send me an email, I’ll send you the Mac files.
      It’s basically the same version of the game, but Steam features like cloud saving, overlay, achievements, etc, won’t work.

      1. MarcusGG

        dude, i just ask, people sometimes have doubts, who is the problem in making a single question, and btw, you’re not matt, i expect a response from someone smartest.

  4. Kusanagi

    Holy Hell.

    I’m doing the game on stream, and i think i’m gonna redo it after this update, cause i’d have a good reason. Love your games, keep going on with thoses.


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