6 thoughts on “Fanart: Natalies

  1. ian gaff

    my game has been reset 5 times after or befor the factor last time i was going to fight the boss quit and came back guess what i lost my data again pls fix and send me back to where i was 😥 😡

    1. Matt Roszak

      Change your browser settings so it doesn’t delete Flash cookies, or use the backup save feature in EBF5.

  2. Vuther

    Top-right: When someone you don’t know waves to you.
    Left: When they say they’re an EBF fan.
    Bottom-right: When they say their favourite armour of yours is the Cow Costume.

  3. alproy

    that “no” art should be when lance say in the great gallery “here’s my babe on the wall, and she’s smilling to me 3>” and then natalie say he would NEVER get this from here in real life (in real game???????)


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