EBF5: Fakemon Done

Hey guys, I’ve finished all 50 fakemon for the new monster cards in EBF5.
If ya’ll recall, the cards are basically unique steroid-type items that give you some perks.

I’ll keep the rest of the monsters a secret, so you’ve got at least a few surprises when the update comes out. Now I just need to write some silly names and descriptions for them…

4 thoughts on “EBF5: Fakemon Done

  1. alproy

    disable doing something like that but other, it just add to some attacks a cool down for 1 tern

    my idea is that amnesia would be for couple of terns and also may DOWNGRADE some of your attacks and to other adding cool down

  2. alproy

    though of adding new statue effect called “amnesia”

    its downgrade and/or remove your attacks for couple of terns (as it will display)

    and could be look like brain with “x” on it


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