Discord Update

Hey guys, there’s been a few changes to the EBF Discord.
We’ve got 100 emojis now, including the totally new art you can see below.
We’ve changed some of the moderators and added a “community manager” style role, so you know who to complain to if you have issues.
We’ve also accidentally kicked people who have been inactive for a day – sorry about that, please come back!

Anyway, if you haven’t visited the Discord in a while, it may be worth taking another look.
There’s lots of cool fanart appearing there, and it’s a good place to discuss EBF and other topics.
evil players

10 thoughts on “Discord Update

  1. TK

    I don’t know if you will ever read this or not, Matt, but I just wanted to say that your games are the best! I was like 12-13 when I first played EBF3, and at the time there were only the three. But I certainly fell in love at first sight. The ‘plot’, the ‘music’ and the ‘references’ (honestly, good thing I found the game at a young age, cause it made the game more fun when I started figuring out the other stuff as I grew up), I loved them all. At first, I didn’t have the courage to ever play on Epic mode, but I’ve grown up since then :smirk: (but probably still no on EBF3). I often wish I could forget the games and experience them anew once more, playing them really have been one of the most fun times of my life.

    I usually play each one of EBF3 and EBF4 at least once a year (and proudly tell my friends all about it) ever since EBF4 came out, except for the last two years, because of college entrance tests. Now, just as my freshman year ended, EBF5 was out for ~6 months, and I got right into it. I first read the blog about 4 years ago, and am reading it again now. I’m really sad there was a time when it seemed like EBF had reached the end of its lifespan. Thanks for all the hard work in EBF5. Now, (probably because I’ve grown up) I started wondering how a map with a limited number of screens could maximise the time the player spent on a screen doing something useful without making them get bored, and that’s where I really started to appreciate the work that went into the game. The light-tile puzzles were the best! I already have 50+ hours into the game without finishing off the final boss. And after coming here I find out there’s still more that you’re planning to put into the game! Again, thanks for your hard work! Thanks to Phyrnna as well, for making soundtracks I listen to throughout the day!

  2. alproy

    that discord in a nutshell: me: “hey guys”
    any of the EBF discord servers: *last talk 5475206898265428639085487267639417416 days ago*

    the discord servers are empty most of the time >:(

    and all what i want is to tell them how to break completely the none-story parts (upgrade bosses, premium, endless, etc.) and this include: reaching wave 222 in EBF4 endless, insta-killing anything in both games premium parts, reaching wave 100 in ebf5 endless, abusing mechanics and more

    1. TCSA

      The Discord is quite active. You only ever appeared once. People are already breaking the game without your participation. You should try to talk more if you think you can add something.

      1. alproy

        can you tell me where to go and when its active? (would appreciate if it will come in Israel, Tel-Aviv clock)
        i’ve been in the discord for a while and it seems it allways empty when im on and i dont know where to go…

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      That sucks! But we’ve changed some of the mod team, and added a the Sage role, so it should now be easier to complain to someone if that’s happening to you.


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