Fanart: Lance & Matt

Here’s some fanart from Danshou.

The EBF5 Community Forums have been very active since launch, but we’d love to see more art from you there! If you’ve done or are planning on doing fanart for EBF5, please post it in the Community Art section.


5 thoughts on “Fanart: Lance & Matt

  1. alproy

    hello Matt! i said befor (but you probably didnt see)
    the newgame+ is DEAD: you wont get medals of epic battles in the dungeons, or epic battles in the story mode
    and also the foes still doesn’t in your lvl as you prograss in the story in newgame+ (lvl 36 vs foes in av. of 20)

    some ppl suggest its just to much easy so it is like that but I want answers about why u did it and if you cant say that, just say you’re going to fix it or delete it

    im counting on you Matt! i like the newgame+ so pls fix it! :ooo:

  2. johnnySean

    KUPO! i have a problem with EBF4 and maybe in EBF5 happens too.
    i have a new account in steam in the same PC but when i play EBF4 i start with all the medals, and i dont know what i do to reset that.
    i tried deleting the game data but when i do that the game doesn’t work.
    do you know a solution for this?

    1. Matt Roszak

      For EBF4 there’s no easy way to delete medals.
      Best you can do is disable Steam Cloud and search your whole computer for “EBF4misc” (achievements file), and delete every file that you find. There should be a .sol and a .meow file.


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